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Bullion coin update – sold out and new

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SOLD OUT 2017 Perth Mint Silver Swan 1oz Bullion Coin

With a limited mintage of 25,000, the first Silver Swan coin proved highly desirable among Australian bullion coin enthusiasts. Glowing reactions to its elegant design, which drew inspiration from Perth’s historic association with Cygnus atratus, translated into a super quick sell out at the Mint. Such was the strength of demand that a number of would-be buyers were left disappointed by its rapid take up. On a positive note for those that missed out, prospects for a 2018 release are currently being firmed up. 

SOLD OUT 2017 Year of the Rooster 1oz Silver Bullion Coin with Lion Privy

Anyone who secured the first privy mark coin of 2017 now has something to crow about. Not surprisingly, the Lunar Rooster silver release with a small Bavarian lion in the coin table proved exceptionally popular in Germany – one of the strongest international markets for Australian bullion. With only 30,000 coins in the mintage, our remaining stock was rapidly depleted by those keen to add this special rooster to their bullion nest eggs.

NEW  2017 Australian Kookaburra 1oz Silver Bullion Coin with Shark Privy Mark

Another privy mark coin to be hooked while stock remain, this Kookaburra release incorporates a miniature image of a great white shark. Perfect for investors looking to sink their teeth into silver, no more than 50,000 will be released worldwide.

To acquire this new privy mark silver coin in Australia visit The Perth Mint Bullion Trading Room at 310 Hay Street in East Perth, or call our Bullion Line on 1300 201 112. Alternatively, registered clients can order online at perthmintbullion.com.

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