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Perth Mint Releases Awesome Great White Shark Silver Bullion Coin

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Few other creatures rouse such awe, fascination and fear in humans than the Great White Shark. A predatory inhabitant of the world’s oceans for millions of years, the torpedo-shaped animal with its characteristic conical snout grows to six metres and more in length. Armed with rows of terrifying serrated teeth and formidable jaw strength, the Great White can ambush its prey from below with ferocious power. Despite an often fraught relationship with mankind, the Great White Shark plays a vital role maintaining a healthy balance within the marine ecosystem.


In tribute to this awesome animal and its prevalence in popular culture, The Perth Mint has released the 2014 Great White Shark 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin. Portraying an ominous impression of one of the world’s most deadly predators, the Australian legal tender coin is struck from 99.9% pure silver with a maximum mintage of 300,000.


The Great White Shark 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin is available in multiples of 25, which come in protective acrylic tubes.  A purchase of 20 tubes (500 coins) is housed in an additional ‘monster box’.


Volume discounts

These coins are sold with attractive volume discounts for silver bullion coin investors. Full details of volume discounts for customers in Australia can be seen at www.perthmintbullion.com.

Worldwide sales outside Australia are handled exclusively by www.apmex.com.

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