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Some Silver Bullion Coins Suspended As Perth Mint Focuses On Most Popular Weights

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My recent prediction that we would see an increase in silver bullion coin sales as investors seek to protect their wealth from weakening currencies is already looking assured.

At The Perth Mint, the silver coin presses are now at maximum output. In fact, we’re at the stage where we may not be able to completely satisfy wholesale demand, circumstances we were forced to confront during the GFC.

Before anyone suggests we’re running out of metal – simply not true. It’s manufacturing capacity that is the issue here.

So how are we handling the situation? As we’ve already communicated to our dealers, we have initiated a capital project which will provide a solution in the medium term. Right now, however, we’ve decided to focus production on kilo, 2oz, 1oz, and 1/2oz silver bullion coins at the expense of the 10oz and 5oz weights.

As of today we are no longer accepting orders for 10oz and 5oz silver bullion coins and you will notice that they have been withdrawn from sale on www.perthmintbullion.com.

Mid-way through last month I announced that investors were showing particular interest in our 1 kilo Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar silver bullion coins. From the launch of the 2011 Australian Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program to the date of my post (19 November), buyers had acquired more than 1.25 million ounces of silver in this format.

As of today, sales and firm orders have boosted the figure to 1.75 million ounces. Naturally, it is our intention to maintain supply of kilo silver bullion coins and other popular weights as the demand for silver continues to gain momentum.

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