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About The Perth Mint

Who is The Perth Mint?

Australia’s oldest operating mint was originally opened as a colonial branch of Britain’s 1,000 year-old Royal Mint.  In 1970, authority for The Perth Mint was transferred to the State of Western Australia.  Operated by Gold Corporation, which was created by an Act of State Parliament in 1987, it is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the Australian Federal Government’s internationally sought-after Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program.


Why should I buy from The Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint is a multi-faceted precious metals business with a long history and excellent reputation for innovation, quality and service.  Hugely experienced, it has been coining precious metals since 1899; operates the largest refinery in the Southern Hemisphere; and via its Depository department, provides trusted investment program solutions to clients all over the world.  In the final analysis, however, there is no stronger assurance of the Mint’s integrity than the Government guarantee enshrined in the Gold Corporation Act 1987.


Are Perth Mint bullion bars and coins recognised internationally?

Yes.  Perth Mint gold and silver bullion coins are issued as legal tender under the authority of the Australian Federal Government.  Each coin, which portrays the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, is denominated in terms of the Australian dollar - one of the world’s most heavily traded currencies. Every Perth Mint gold and silver bullion bar is stamped with The Perth Mint logo, its London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) registered mark -  which is also a proud symbol of the Mint’s expertise in the production of 99.99% pure gold and 99.9% pure silver.


Where are The Perth Mint offices?

The Perth Mint’s heritage building and modern coining facilities are situated in the heart of Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia.  Refinery operations are located near the Perth international airport.


Perth was founded in 1829 on the shores of the Swan River in the south-west corner of Australia.  Growth and development were fuelled by Western Australia’s late 19th century gold rush and the continuing commercialisation of its rich deposits of oil, gas and mineral resources. Perth is conveniently located to Australia’s two major gold mine sites - the vast open-cast pits at Kalgoorlie and Boddington.



Investing in precious metals

Why should I invest in precious metals?

Investing in precious metals is purely a personal decision.  Some people simply love the timeless allure of pure gold and silver.  Pragmatic buyers understand the role of precious metals in a balanced investment portfolio.  One thing is certain - gold is a traditional ‘safe haven’ in times of economic and political uncertainty.  For example, during the World Financial Crisis triggered in 2007, investors seeking refuge from falling equity markets piled money into precious metals, particularly gold.  In truth, there are many reasons why people seek precious metals.  A good place to find out more about gold market fundamentals and options for buying is the World Gold Council website at


Buying from The Perth Mint

How do I buy from The Perth Mint?

There are several ways to buy bullion coins and bars from The Perth Mint.

Who can buy from The Perth Mint?

Anyone - individuals, companies, superannuation and trust funds.


Is there a maximum and minimum order value?

Yes, under the prudential policy there are limits on the value of bullion bars and coins The Perth Mint can sell. The Perth Mint can sell up to AUD 100,000 to an individual client during any single 24-hour period. 



Creating an account

How do I create an account on

Customers wishing to place orders on The Perth Mint Bullion website must first be registered to buy.  There are three main steps involved:

  • Complete and submit the online application form.
  • Provide certified/notarized copies of your Customer Identification Documents.
    • Individual customers in Australia are required to present their ID documents along with a pre-completed Australia Post - Perth Mint Identity Verification Form at any participating Australia Post branch.
    • Companies, other legal entities and individuals based outside Australia, must submit certified/notarised ID documents by mail for verification.
  • Provide details of a credit card as a contract completion guarantee and begin buying

What customer identification documentation do I need to provide when creating an account?

Under Australian law, The Perth Mint is required to be able to appropriately identify customers of bullion orders. If you wish to place an order on The Perth Mint Bullion website you must provide certified/notarized copies of your original ID documents before we can ship your bullion. Click here to view the full details of the customer identification documents required. The Perth Mint does not require ID documents for any transactions to the value of AUD 5,000, either over the counter or on the phone.


Who is eligible to certify/notarize copies of my ID documents?

A certified copy means a document that has been certified as a true copy of an original document by one of the following persons.
The following individuals are eligible to certify copies of ID documents in Australia:

  • Legal practitioner (including lawyers, judges, magistrates, registrar of a court) Medical practitioner Pharmacist
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner of Declarations
  • Commissioner of Affidavits
  • Notary Public
  • Police officer
  • Member of a professional accounting body
  • Australian Consular Official
  • An authorised representative of a financial institution
  • For overseas customers, certification is acceptable from the above individuals as equivalent within the certifying officer’s country of residence.

The certifying officer must:

  1. Stamp or write on the copy: “This is a true copy of the original documents sighted by me.”
  2. Sign and print their name, and affix an official stamp where applicable.
  3. State their profession or occupation group.
  4. Write on the copy the date certified

In addition, if the certifying officer is a Justice of the Peace, the certifying officer must list registration number and state/territory of registration.

    What if I am already a Perth Mint numismatic customer?

    If you are already a registered Perth Mint member for numismatic coins, you must still register to buy on by completing the online application form and providing the appropriate customer certified/notarized identification documents.


    How will I be notified when my account is created?
    Once your application and your customer identification documents have been verified, you will be notified by email that your account has been activated. To ensure our email notifications reach your e-mail inbox, please add  to your approved sender list or address book.


    What is the “Contract Completion Guarantee” and why do I have to provide my credit card details?

    Your order must be guaranteed with the provision of a credit card on registration and when placing the order. In the event of non-completion of the order resulting in the cancellation of the contract, an administration fee of AUD 150 plus any losses incurred in the liquidation of metal held on your behalf will be charged to your credit card. Any gains resulting from liquidation of metal will not be remitted to you.


    How do I change my address after having my ID checked?

    To change your address, the Perth Mint needs to receive a certified copy of one of the following documents:

    • Your driver’s licence with the new address or a change of address sticker
    • Taxation notice from Australian Tax Office containing name and current residential address
    • A letter of document from an utilities provider addressed to you confirming supply for electricity, gas or water has been connected at the new residential address, or
    • An Utility Bill, less than three months old and issued by a government body or utilities provider for provision of services (rates, electricity, gas, water) containing name of individual and current residential address as supply address.

    Please post the certified copy of the document confirming your new address, along with a covering letter confirming the change of address, to:

    The Perth Mint

    ATT: Customer Service Bullion Sales
    PO BOX 6297
    EAST PERTH, WA 6892


    buying bullion bars and coins with The Perth Mint

    What times of the day can I place an order with The Perth Mint?

    Bullion buying is available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, and between the hours listed below: 

    Is a deposit required when I place my order?

    Deposits are required on orders over AUD 100,000.  We require a 10% deposit in cleared funds prior to fixing the price and accepting the order. A deposit may also be required in other circumstances regardless of the order value.


    Are my prices locked in when I place my order?

    Yes, your prices are locked once you submit your online order and receive a confirmation of order from The Perth Mint.


    Does the Perth Mint offer quantity discounts?

    Yes, we offer quantity discounts and these are displayed on the website on each product page.


    Can I change my order after it is submitted?

    No, your order cannot be changed once it is submitted.


    Can I cancel my order once it is submitted?

    Once your order has been confirmed all prices are locked in. Should you wish to cancel your order you can do so by calling 1300 201 112 (between 8.30am and 5.00pm AWST). In the event of a cancellation of an order, an administration fee of AUD 150 plus any losses incurred by The Perth Mint in the liquidation of metal held on behalf of the client will be charged to the credit card. Any gains resulting from liquidation of metal will not be remitted to the client.


    How will my order be delivered?

    • If your delivery is in Australia it will be delivered by standard courier selected at The Perth Mint's discretion. Orders over AUD 70,000 will be delivered by secure carrier. Photographic ID and signature from the person receiving the parcel are required for all deliveries.
    • If your delivery is international it will be delivered by FedEx door-to-door. Orders over AUD 20,000 and under AUD 40,000 where no single item exceeds AUD 20,000 are delivered in two or more shipments delivered on non-consecutive days. In the case of a single item exceeding AUD 20,000, you may opt to provide an insurance waiver.

    When will my order be dispatched?

    The Perth Mint will endeavour to dispatch your order within 3 working days of receipt of cleared payment. For further information see Terms and Conditions (section 4). During periods of high demand delivery delays may occur for which The Perth Mint accepts no liability.


    Can I collect my order from The Perth Mint?

    No, collection from The Perth Mint is no longer available. Delivery options can be found here.


    Can I return my goods after I receive them?

    No, returns of bullion are not accepted.


    Will the Perth Mint buy my bullion back from me?

    Buy-backs can be completed over the phone or in The Perth Mint Shop, but are not possible to complete online. The Perth Mint will not buy-back bullion product which has yet to be delivered or paid for. The Perth Mint may buy-back undelivered bullion but only if the original purchase has not been dispatched and has been paid for in full with cleared funds (a delay of up to 7 working days may apply from initial receipt of payment).


    Why do 50oz, 1kg, 20oz and 10oz cast gold bullion bars contain slightly less fine gold than their gross weight indicates?

    According to the London Bullion Market Association, it is industry practice to state the weight of larger cast gold bars in terms of their gross troy oz weight. In the case of our 50oz, 1kg, 20oz and 10oz cast bars, the gross weight is comprised of the bar’s fine gold content (99.99% pure gold) and a tiny amount of impurity (silver).

    To calculate the ‘fine’ weight of a Perth Mint 50 troy oz gold cast bar you can perform the following simple calculation: (weight) 50 x (fineness 99.99) = 49.995 troy oz.

    This figure appears in the bar’s table of Specifications in the field ‘Metal Content (Troy oz)’. Further Reading: For more information on this topic, please consult Bar Weights and Their Agreed Fine Gold Content in Troy Ounces on the London Bullion Market Association website. The ‘gross weight’ rule does not apply to other physical Perth Mint gold and silver bullion products on this website. Say you purchase a gold or silver bullion coin designated 1 troy oz, your coin actually weighs slightly more than you would expect. In each case, the minimum gross weight applies to the amount of fine gold (99.99% pure gold) or fine silver (99.9% pure silver) it contains. The excess weight constitutes a tiny impurity. 



    Like all mints around the world, The Perth Mint takes counterfeits very seriously.

    To mitigate the risk of counterfeit purchase, we recommend customers deal directly with us or our network of authorised dealers and wholesalers.

    Buying precious metals through any unauthorised entity carries inherent risk and determining counterfeit items is extremely difficult without physical examination.

    If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a seller please contact us at

    Read our blog for more information about how to avoid counterfeit purchases.

    Payment Methods & CLEARANCE PERIODS

    What payment methods are available to me?

    The following payment methods are available to you:

    • Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Wire Transfer - 2 working days.
    • BPay (Australia only) - 2 working days - Biller Code: 24554. Your Reference Number will be quoted on your Order & Contract Confirmation.
    • Direct Bank Account Deposit - 2 working days.
    • Credit Card & Direct Debit Credit Cards - for orders of bullion products made on the telephone for less than AUD 5,000. Payments will be debited from your credit card immediately. The card must be current and in the name of the customer. Fees apply at the rate of 1.9%. 
    • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - 2 working days. RTGS is only accepted on orders over the counter. Any bank fees associated with payments are to be borne by the customer.

    Under no circumstances can debit cards be used as a Payment Method for phone and online transactions.

    How quickly is payment of my order required?

    Payment is required within two workings days of placing the order.


    What will happen if payment is not received in the required time?

    Non payment within five days will result in cancellation of the contract and recovery of costs from the client.


    What are The Perth Mint’s bank details?

    Please transfer the contract amount in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD), quoting the order number. Payment to this account will not be accepted in any other currency.


    Account name:     GOLDCORP AUSTRALIA
      036 000
    Account   810 403

    Customers outside Australia require the following additional bank details:


    Bank Identifier Code:    WPACAU2F

    Does The Perth Mint accept credit cards for payment?

    The Perth Mint accepts credit card payment for bullion orders for less than AUD 5,000 made over the counter or on the phone. Payments will be debited from your credit card immediately. The credit card must be current and in the name of the customer. Credit card and handling fees apply at the rate of 1.9%.


    Is GST charged on my bullion orders?

    GST is not charged on your bullion orders whether sold in Australia or overseas. GST is charged on freight and insurance for orders in Australia. GST is not charged on freight and insurance for international orders, except if the products are not exported within 60 days of order.


    Shipping and Insurance

    What are the shipping, handling and insurance charges?

    If your delivery is in Australia the shipping charge is AUD 17.50 per kg of packed weight or part thereof with a minimum charge of AUD 17.50. Insurance is optional at 1%, plus GST.
    If your delivery is international the shipping & handling charge is calculated at time of order and is based on the packed weight and value of the order. Insurance is optional at 1%, plus GST. International deliveries may be subject to import charges and other local taxes which are the responsibility of the customer.

    What international destinations to you ship to?
    We currently ship to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Macau, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

    Please note deliveries to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will be delivered via postal courier service to a maximum individual shipment value of under AUD 2,000. FedEx deliveries to the following regions are subject to the maximum individual shipment values as noted below and can be delivered to either a residential or business address.

    • Macau - AUD 300
    • Jordan - AUD 700
    • Japan - AUD 25,000
    FedEx deliveries to Europe and the Middle East, with an individual shipment value of AUD 2,500 or more, can only be delivered to a business address.

    Will my order be insured when it is in transit to me?

    All Customers are offered insurance on payment of an optional premium,. If any one item exceeds AUD 70,000 the customer must use the services of a Secure Carrier with which insurance is included. Customers opting to decline the optional insurance must select the appropriate Insurance Waiver liability acceptance button during the website checkout process or sign and return a Delivery Liability Waiver form.  Where the customer declines The Perth Mint insurance option the customer is fully liable for loss of delivery for any reason and the onus of taking out any separate insurance for the delivery rests entirely with the customer.

    Any claims for lost goods must be made within 48 hours of dispatch from The Perth Mint.

    Can I ship my order to an address other than that on my account?

    Yes, you can only arrange for your order to be shipped to a different address to your billing address, but it must be in the same country as your billing address.

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