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Please note that you are unable to purchase precious metals for secure storage on this website. For more information on our secure storage solutions please click on either of the following:

For Investment, Depository & Certificate Inquiries please contact:
FREECALL*  1300 651 465  
Phone +61 8 9421 7280
Fax +61 8 9221 7074
Email pmds@perthmint.com.au

* FREECALL: Australia Only, charged at a local cost. Please note Western Australia is at least 12 hours ahead of US time zones, at most 8 hours ahead of European time zones and plus or minus 2 hours of South East Asian time zones.

Secure Storage of Your Precious Metal Assets

Having decided to purchase precious metals from The Perth Mint Bullion trading website, your coins or bars will be delivered to your nominated address. For some people, however, the cost and risk of transportation and ongoing safe storage can be an issue.

Did you know that you can buy gold and silver without it ever having to leave The Perth Mint vault?

For those who would prefer to rely on The Perth Mint for safe storage of their precious metal assets, our specialist Depository department offers trusted investment program solutions.

Key Benefits

Holding more than $2 billion worth of precious metal assets on behalf of investors worldwide, The Perth Mint Depository provides:

  • the most cost-effective way to buy and hold precious metals.
  • the absolute assurance of a Government guarantee.
  • complete peace of mind on all aspects of physical security.

For total flexibility and convenience, customers are entitled to:

  • liquidate their precious metals whenever they like, or
  • request delivery of their metals as coins or bars* at any time.

    *conversion from unallocated to allocated (physical) holding incurs a fabrication cost.

    Options for Depository Clients 

    You can purchase precious metals for secure storage at The Perth Mint using either of the following options:

    Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP)

    As a PMCP client, you acquire legal title to your choice of precious metals stored securely in The Perth Mint vault. With a low opening investment of USD 10,000 (AUD 5,000 for Australian/New Zealand residents), your participation in the PMCP is confirmed by the issue of a Certificate carrying the full weight of The Perth Mint's authority as a Government-owned institution.

    Find more comprehensive details in the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) page, including fees and charges.

    Who Can I Talk To About The PMCP?

    The PMCP is sold exclusively through The Perth Mint's international network of approved dealers. There is a knowledgeable dealer in your time-zone, providing you with someone to talk to during local business hours about the PMCP as part of your investment strategy.

    Click to find the contact details of PMCP approved dealers.

    Perth Mint Depository Services Account (PMDS)

    A PMDS account provides you with an annual statement of your precious metal holdings in The Perth Mint vault. Your gold and/or silver balances are expressed in troy ounces. Suitable for clients with a minimum of USD 250,000 to invest (AUD 50,000 for Australian/New Zealand residents), an established PMDS account gives you direct telephone access to the experienced traders who operate our bullion desk during Perth business hours.

    Click to find more comprehensive details about PMDS accounts.


    Email pmds@perthmint.com.au or call +61 8 9421 7244 between 8am – 5pm AWST (UTC-CMT + 8h).

    Allocated or Unallocated? 

    With both the PMCP and PMDS options, you can choose to hold your gold and silver in 'allocated' or 'unallocated' storage. Allocated means you own title to specific coins and/or bars in segregated storage in The Perth Mint vault. Unallocated means you buy an interest in a pool of precious metal purchased and held by The Perth Mint to back your investment.

    Click to find detailed information about The Perth Mint’s allocated or unallocated storage and the ability to convert unallocated metal into coins and bars.

    Perth Mint Gold Quoted Product (PMG) 

    Do you already have a stockbroking account or are you thinking of opening one? If so, you could take advantage of a third method of increasing your exposure to gold in unallocated form.

    The Perth Mint Gold Quoted Product (PMG) is a right created by The Perth Mint to facilitate trading in gold on the Australian Stock Market.

    The PMG product, which trades under the Warrant Code ZAUWBA, tracks the AUD gold price cent for cent. The most secure product of its type, its fees are lower than any similar listed offering.

    Who Can I Talk To About The PMG Product?

    Speak to your stockbroker about diversifying your portfolio into gold with the convenience of the PMG product.

    Download the PMG Product Disclosure Statement here.

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