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Perth Mint Gold holdings September 2020

Holdings of Perth Mint Gold (ASX:PMGOLD) continued to rise in September 2020, increasing by almost 3,000 ounces. The product ended the month with holdings of 231,005 ounces (7.19 tonnes). 

Monthly flows into PMGOLD can be seen in the chart below, with holdings increasing by more than 70% in the first nine months of 2020. 

Source: The Perth Mint, ASX, Reuters

The growth in the product seen in 2020 continues a strong period of demand for PMGOLD that dates back to September 2018, with total holdings increasing by more than 170% over this two-year period.

PMGOLD holdings finished September 2020 with a value of AUD 614 million, based on a last traded price of 26.59 per unit on the ASX on 30 September 2020. 

To learn more about investing in PMGOLD, simply download our PMGOLD Factsheet

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