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Safety-conscious Swiss put faith in gold

The Swiss franc is traditionally seen as a safe haven for investors in times of geopolitical and/or market uncertainty.

The country’s steady economy and relatively low levels of national debt have helped the Swiss franc hold up time and again during times of crisis.

Proud of the currency’s role in their nation’s fortunes, it’s a fair bet that the financially literate citizens of Switzerland know how to protect their wealth as well as anyone.

So it’s interesting to note the results of a nationwide study released this month showing they are big fans of gold, ranking the yellow metal second on a list of preferred forms of investment.

According to the University of St Gallen-led research, 53% of participants favoured real estate, but gold was a close second with 48% recognising its vital role in a portfolio.

Shares, funds and cash attracted votes from 30%, 25% and 24% respectively. Silver took 13th place on the list and platinum finished in 19th spot.

According to the report’s authors: “Low interest rates, the fading attraction of classic forms of saving such as the savings account, as well as economic and political uncertainties are the hallmarks of today’s financial market. Against this background, investors increasingly rely on physical precious metals since this form of investment is regarded as inflation-proof and as an iron ration in times of crisis.”

Underlining the country’s faith in the ongoing relevance of gold, almost one in five Swiss nationals said they were planning to invest in precious metals in the coming twelve months.

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