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Fast selling Emu coin now available in gold

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Following the runaway success of the first Australian Emu 1oz silver bullion coin, The Perth Mint is pleased to announce a 99.99% pure gold version for investors.

Emus are Australia’s largest native birds. Unknown to Europeans until 17th century explorers reached the continent’s west coast, their name is probably derived from the Portuguese word ‘ema' - meaning large bird.

At up to two metres tall, emus cannot fly. Instead they’re able to sprint at 50kmh on long, powerful legs. To avoid obstacles and escape predators, the vestiges of their wings can be used like air rudders to help them change direction while moving at full speed.

Aboriginal people, who have occupied Australia for 60,000 years, have enduring cultural links with these remarkable birds. Before the ancient Greeks began scanning the heavens, indigenous people identified a constellation known as the ‘Emu in the Sky’.

2018 Australian Emu 1oz Gold Bullion Coin

Celebrated on the 2018 Australian Emu 1oz Gold Bullion Coin, the iconic creature is portrayed in an arid, scrubland setting. Superb detailing highlights the bird’s shaggy-looking plumage, which helps it survive the extreme changes in temperature that can be experienced in outback Australia.

Just 5,000 of these exceptional coins will be released. To secure this very limited opportunity, registered clients are invited to place orders on www.perthmintbullion.com.

Purchasers in Australia can also call The Perth Mint customer services on 1300 201 112, or visit our Bullion Trading Room in person at 310 Hay Street in East Perth.

International customers should contact our exclusive overseas distributor Metal Market Europe in Poland.

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