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Making precious metal investing accessible to all

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Do you like the idea of accumulating gold and silver as a nest egg for the future, or perhaps as an heirloom for the next generation?

If the answer is yes but you don’t know where to start, think it might be unaffordable, or are fearful about storing precious metal at home, we have practical solutions to each of these reservations.

The government owned Perth Mint is a global leader in precious metal refining, coin and bar production, and secure storage for investors who do not wish to take physical delivery of their gold and silver purchases. Accredited by the world’s leading metal exchanges and offering clients a unique government guarantee, the Mint has a reputation built on more than a century of refining and minting excellence.

As well as servicing financial institutions and professionals, we also make it easy and affordable for everyday ‘mum and dad’ investors to purchase and safely store gold and silver. Did you know that our depository stores more than AUD 3 billion worth of precious metal on behalf of 30,000 clients from all walks of life?


By opening an account with our Depository Online (PMDO) service, you can start acquiring gold and silver from the convenience of your own PC. Transactions begin at only AUD 50, enabling you to build a metal holding without ever having to break the bank! Because you’re buying from the internationally respected Perth Mint, you can be absolutely certain that every ounce of gold or silver you own is 100% backed by physical metal in our state-of-the-art vault, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The PMDO platform has been carefully designed to be remarkably simple to operate. Once your identity has been confirmed and your account is operational, you can login 24/7 to buy more metal, sell your existing pool, or simply check the current market value of your investment. There are plenty of other helpful tools and alerts that over time you may wish to take advantage of, including a handy saving plan which can be used to automate regular transactions.

To join thousands of ordinary investors who have chosen Depository Online as a convenient, cost-effective and trusted way to build wealth or diversify their assets with precious metals, click here to open an account.

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