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Inaugural Gold Industry Group networking event at The Perth Mint

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The Western Australian Gold Industry Group held its inaugural industry networking event last night in the historic surroundings of The Perth Mint’s original melting house.

Addressing some 90 members, Perth Mint CEO and Gold Industry Group Chairman Richard Hayes emphasized the organisation’s value in providing a unified voice for the industry. He said not only were its activities aimed at promoting gold across Australia and beyond, but “also engaging and educating our community on the contribution and value that this industry brings to society.”

Richard Hayes addressing the Gold Industry Group’s inaugural industry networking event at The Perth Mint.

Making a significant contribution to the economy, Western Australia’s gold sector is responsible for 6% of the world’s total output. Gold Industry Group members provide opportunities throughout the entire value chain - from exploration and mining, through to refining, fabrication and distribution.

“By supporting and educating our community and building relationships, we can make a difference to ensure a strong and sustainable future for Australia’s gold industry,” Mr Hayes said.

Also in attendance at The Perth Mint venue, Minister for Mines and Petroleum, the Honourable Sean L’Estrange MLA congratulated members for their collective efforts to promote the gold industry. “Gold is a sector that is incredibly important to the State of Western Australia and it's fantastic you’ve come together as an organisation to share your experiences and ideas,” he said.

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