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WGC reports flat demand for gold in full year 2015

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Some key findings from ‘Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2015’

Global gold demand in full year 2015 was virtually flat - 4,212 tonnes (t) compared to the 2014 figure of 4,226t.

After a slow start in H1, demand picked up as consumers looked to take advantage of lower gold prices and investors responded to an uncertain economic environment.

Global investment demand for full year 2015 grew by 8% to 878t from 815t in 2014. Bar and coin demand remained steady in 2015 as investors took advantage of a weaker price in Q3.

Central Bank demand finished the year strongly with a 25% gain in Q4, helping full year 2015 achieve a small uptick from 584t in 2014 to 588t in 2015.

The strongest H2 for gold jewellery in 11 years meant the downturn in global demand to 2,415t was only 3% below the 2014 figure.

Full year 2015 saw China (985t) and India (849t) continue their dominance in the global gold market, accounting for close to 45% of total global gold demand during 2015.

Total supply experienced a drop of 4% to 4,258t for the full year 2015 compared to 4,414t in 2014.

Download your full copy of the World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2015 (1.41 MB)

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