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SOLD OUT Funnel-Web Spider Coin Achieves Full 1 Million Mintage

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The Australian Funnel-Web Spider 1oz silver bullion coin officially sold out at The Perth Mint today.

Strong demand for the popular investor coin, which was unveiled in March, saw sales reach the 1 million mark in less than six months.


Sold in tubes of 25, the 99.9% pure silver Australian legal tender coin represented exceptional value for money. Without question, however, the coin’s reverse design portraying the infamous Australian Funnel-Web Spider proved central to its popular appeal.

The most aggressive species, the Sydney Funnel-Web, is said to have fangs longer than that of a brown snake and so powerful that they can pierce a human toenail!

The worldwide fascination with dangerous Australian animals on coins was seen last year when the Australian Saltwater Crocodile 1oz silver bullion coin sold its 1 million maximum mintage within a record three months.

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