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2015 Battle Of The Coral Sea Silver Coin Available Now

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The Perth Mint has released its 2015 Battle of the Coral Sea 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin.


The Battle of the Coral Sea was fought off the north-east coast of Australia during 4 to 8 May 1942 between the Imperial Japanese Navy and allied naval and air forces from the United States and Australia.

Like the previous year’s release, this Australian legal tender coin portrays a naval ship with its guns raised on a background comprising representations of the Southern Cross constellation and the Stars and Stripes. The design includes the inscription WAR IN THE PACIFIC 1941 – 1945 BATTLE IN THE CORAL SEA.

The 2015 1/2oz silver bullion coin is presented without capsules in protective acrylic tubes of 25 units, and in monster boxes comprising 20 tubes for 500 units.


2014 Declared Mintage

The Perth Mint has today declared the mintage of the 2014 Battle of the Coral Sea 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin to be 615,017.

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