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New Koalas Offer Superb Design And Value

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Today sees the launch of a superb new design for the Australian Koala silver bullion coin series.

Epitomising one of Australia’s best-loved native animals, it portrays a koala in the branches of a eucalyptus tree.

The beautifully struck image appears on all four releases in the 2015 Australian Koala silver bullion coin series.

On the 1oz and 1/2oz releases, the koala’s shiny finish contrasts with a delicately frosted background.

On the large 1 kilo and 10oz releases, the design has a matt finish – a simple but appealing appearance that enables the Mint to offer these coins with a lower manufacturing premium for outstanding value.

Whether you’re an investor, gift buyer or collector of iconic Australian coin issues, check out the spectacular new design, superb value and improved volume breaks offered by the Australian Koala silver bullion coin series here.

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