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Coins Or Bars - What's Best For You?


Have you ever wondered why some people buy bars and others choose coins? Here’s what to consider when deciding.

Cast Bars

Cast bars are highly cost-effective. The reason is their low fabrication cost. As a result, cast bars can be sold at a low premium above the prevailing value of their fine gold. It is most important to buy from a trusted supplier to ensure weight, purity and re-saleability.

Minted Bars

Cut from rolled gold and stamped with attractive designs on a minting press, minted bars (or ingots) are more aesthetically pleasing than cast bars. Leading manufacturers offer minted bars in packaging, which in The Perth Mint’s case, includes a tamper-evident security feature.

Bullion Coins

A more complex process is required to fabricate gold coins. So expect to pay a higher premium compared to cast and minted bars. Bullion coins, however offer investors clear benefits because they are:

- Issued (and therefore guaranteed) by Governments.
- Highly divisible – bullion coins range from 1/20oz up to 10 kilos.
- Decorated with detailed often beautiful designs for easy identification.
- Thin, making them extremely difficult to fake around a base metal core.


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