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Vault Business Expands in Asia

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Strong demand for physical metal has again put the spotlight on where investors can store their precious metal.

Discussing this topic back in 2010, Bron Suchecki Manager, Analysis and Strategy, pointed out that there were few options available to Australian investors outside The Perth Mint’s Depository facility. [see blog post Where To Store Your Gold]

A problem throughout Asia, the situation has now been jumped on by ANZ Bank, which this month will officially open its first gold vault in Singapore, the Australian reports.

Providing the news outlet with background on the development, Bron said that more vaults were being built in the region as investor demand outstripped gold for jewellery and because of greater interest from retail investors.

"The ETFs are popular, but specific metal in the name of the client is also getting popular and that's reflecting investor uncertainty," he said.

The Australian reported that the ANZ is a major player in gold, handling about 15 per cent of the globe's production through an exclusive distribution agreement with The Perth Mint.

Read this news article online at The Australian - subscription required.

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