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Silver Threatens Bugs

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Silver has hit the headlines again. The metal has now been shown to have remarkable medical potential in the fight against superbugs.

Silver is no stranger to amazing properties. It has great electrical and thermal conductivity, it is sensitive to light and reflects it well, and it can endure extreme ranges of temperature. As well as being enormously ductile and malleable, it’s highly wear and corrosion resistant too.

Silver has been mined for 5,000 years. Its lustrous appearance makes it highly sought after as jewellery, tableware and ornamentation.

From antiquity, silver played an important monetary role. First used for coins by the ancient Greeks, it functioned as the main means of exchange in daily commerce well into modern times.

As well as being a monetary metal, silver is also an important industrial metal. Used in batteries, bearings, brazing, electronics, automobiles and now in green technologies, silver has innumerable applications.

Silver in Medicine

Considering its versatility, you may not be surprised to learn that silver has been used extensively throughout history for a variety of medical purposes. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates described silver's antimicrobial properties and used it in preparations to promote wound healing.

The very latest discovery could help solve the modern problem of antibiotic resistance. Findings by American scientists show that trace amount of the metal may boost the bacterial killing efficiency of antibiotics by up to 1,000 fold.

How it works remains unclear, so the team at Boston University are hoping their research will inspire others to study silver to see what affords it this feature – shedding even more light on this unique metal and its many amazing properties.

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