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Investors See Silver Surge

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Bloomberg reports that hedge funds are the least bullish on silver in almost four years due to anticipated slower growth. Yet investors’ holdings are near a record as they side with analysts predicting a rally on global central bank moves to bolster growth.

“Investors and analysts are bullish on expectations central banks will do more to stimulate economies, expanding consumption and increasing the allure of precious metals as a store of value.”

Full story: Bloomberg

From London, John Stepek sympathises with silver investors who have been on a ‘maniacal ride’ in recent times. He suggests gold will “see another burst of investor enthusiasm before long”, dragging silver along for the ride.

Investors need not worry about hedge funds that “probably think of themselves as being the ‘smart’ money, but the evidence to back that up is thin on the ground,” he writes.   

Full story: MoneyWeek

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Gold futures in New York settled down US$10.20 an ounce at US$1,602.40 on Tuesday. Silver was off 1 cent at US$27.78 an ounce.

Full story: Reuters

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