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Snake Strikes Underway For Smooth Lunar Launch

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Indicative interest is pointing to extremely high demand for 1oz releases from the 2013 Australian Lunar bullion coin program.

The next release, which will become available in early September, features designs celebrating the Year of the Snake - often referred to in China as the ‘Little Dragon’!

Our sales predictions are based on expressions of interest received from our international wholesale partners. They’re running at levels comparable to the record-breaking Dragon series this time last year.

As you know, the full Dragon mintages of 30,000 1oz gold and 300,000 1oz silver coins sold out at the Mint in record time, and these mintage restrictions remain unchanged for 2013.

So again we could see large numbers of investors hitting our bullion website on launch day in order to secure Snake coins direct from the Mint.

For this reason, I want to assure you that we’ve had a close look at the system’s capacity issues which resulted in inconvenience for some coin buyers last year.

We’ve done a lot of work to beef up the site with special focus on measures to avoid overloading the ‘checkout’ at extremely busy times. There will also be more feedback via screen alerts advising buyers how their orders are progressing prior to confirmation.

In parallel with this work, we have also taken important steps to solve frustrating temporary stock outs of other weights in the Lunar coin series. The new manufacturing schedule in the factory means we’ve already amassed considerable stocks of most other Lunar Snake coins – including popular 1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz silver issues.

In conclusion, I’m confident that The Perth Mint is in a much stronger position to satisfy website demand for new Lunar Snake coins and we’re looking forward to a smoother launch come September.

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