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An Idea Of Premiums On 1oz Lunar Gold Series I Coins

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Rising spot prices have given investors who purchased the Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series I between 1996 and 2007 plenty to smile about. The intrinsic value of their coins has risen significantly in the intervening years with the upward march of the gold price.

And now there’s news of another reason for them to be cheerful!

A set of 1oz gold bullion coins from Series I was offered for sale by Bullion Money to members of the Australian web forum Silver Stackers in February. The asking price was $21,283  - or $1,773.5 per coin.

Subsequently, the 12 coins were sold individually among forum members at two separate auctions. Sales results reported by the Silver Lunar website recorded these final prices:

Auction 1

1996 1oz Mouse - $1,815
1997 1oz Ox - $1,919
1998 1oz Tiger - $1,850
1999 1oz Rabbit - $1,815
2000 1oz Dragon - $2,121
2001 1oz Snake - $1,820

Auction 2

2002 1oz Horse - $1,890
2003 1oz Goat - $1,850
2004 1oz Monkey - $1,870
2005 1oz Rooster - $1,815
2006 1oz Dog - $1,860
2007 1oz Pig - $1,870

"As the 1oz Gold Lunar coins don't come up for sale all that often, these examples have provided a good baseline for their current market value,” Silver Lunar said.

The difference between the price paid for each coin and the spot price of gold (which at The Perth Mint rose from $1,608 to $1,676 during the course of February with an average of $1,635) indicates the premium buyers are willing to pay for the coin’s rarity, quality and aesthetic qualities. 

A 1oz Australian Lunar - 2000 Year of the Dragon gold bullion coin sold for $2,121 recently on Silver Stackers.

That’s a great bonus, we would have thought, for anyone who bought and was prepared to hold long-term 1oz releases from the first Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series.

The second Series began in 2008 and the first five 1oz releases celebrating Years of the Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon sold their full mintage of 30,000 each. Next year’s issue marks the Year of the Snake – another potentially popular theme. Is Series II shaping the same way as its predecessor?

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