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Dragon Prospects Appear Strong

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I can reveal that The Perth Mint has received a number of coin industry offers for the complete mintage of the forthcoming 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz gold bullion coin.

The Mint has also received offers for a large percentage of the 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz silver bullion coins prior to launch.

These offers have been rejected and we will be allocating the mintages to ensure that our distributors receive a fair quota of supplies.

While worldwide demand for gold and silver bullion remains high, the dragon theme portrayed on our Gold and Silver Lunar series is attracting particular attention.

In our view, this interest reflects the huge significance of dragons in Asian culture. Ancient artefacts and legends confirm that dragons have influenced Chinese art, literature folklore and religion for thousands of years.

Today, the Chinese dragon is popular throughout the world, thanks to the dragon dance, a time-honoured performance at Chinese festivals in which a line of people move a decorated dragon’s body in undulating movements.

The other reason for such strong interest is, of course, the fact that the Mint’s original 1oz Year of the Dragon gold bullion coin, issued nearly 12 years ago in 2000, now commands a significant premium over metal value.

The 2012 gold and silver issues, which will be released at the beginning of September, portray long, scaled, serpentine dragons in the traditional Chinese style.

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