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Gold Has Broad Appeal

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The Herald Sun spoke to Perth Mint wholesale manager Neil Vance Friday about our recent gold sales.

Not surprisingly, the Mint had experienced increased demand for its physical gold products since the start of the global financial crisis, Neil said.

But as he pointed out, a really interesting factor is the different kinds of clients now looking to buy bullion bars and coins.

“Gold used to be the classic wealthy class asset to hold but now there are people from all walks of life entering the gold market," he said.

"We literally have a huge range of clients, everyone from someone at home, to a young working woman wanting to park $5,000 in savings, through to self-managed super funds looking for a stable investment with growth possibilities.”

Helping ordinary people get a slice of gold action are the many methods of acquisition now available.

While prospecting is still alive and well across many states, the less adventurous can buy gold over the phone, on the internet, from a shop, a managed fund or through shares in a gold producer, the paper said.

Read the full Herald Sun article Many yellow brick roads to follow by Karina Barrymore.

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