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This blog discusses The Perth Mint's bullion coins and bars, providing information about our latest designs, mintages, sales volumes and sell outs. On a broader front, we share relevant research and opinions for anyone interested in gold and silver bullion investing.

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I’ve posted three new Perth Mint videos.   You can watch them here, but don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel or our video page for all current videos.

Video 1

If you’re new to The Perth Mint and would like to know more about our history, the first one will whizz you through 110 years of refining and minting operations at our historic East Perth site.

Video 2

There are some spectacular shots of our gold and silver bullion in this presentation which highlights the unique qualities of our precious metal coins and the outstanding value of our cast bars.

Video 3

A natural follow-up, this video is hosted by Ron Currie, the Mint’s Sales and Marketing Director, who shows how easy it is to register to trade bullion on our new site www.perthmintbullion.com.

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