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New era dawns for gold, silver and platinum Kangaroo coins

Topics [ Australian Kangaroo platinum coin silver coins gold coin ]

For the first time Australia’s signature bullion coin series, the Australian Kangaroo, has been struck in three prime investment metals – 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver, and 99.95% pure platinum.

As Australia’s most potent animal icon, the famous marsupial has appeared on The Perth Mint’s premier gold bullion coin series since 1989. Memorably captured by renowned coin designer Stuart Devlin, the classic ‘red’ kangaroo encircled by symbolic rays of the Australian sun is one of the world’s preeminent investment coin designs.


The kangaroo has been emblematic of Australia since the 18th century.

James Cook’s intrepid expedition of discovery along the east coast in 1770 provided the first European record of kangaroos. He and his crew spent seven weeks ashore at what is now Cooktown in Queensland having been forced to beach HMS Endeavour for repairs after she was damaged on the Great Barrier Reef. They supposedly named the extraordinary animal after an Aboriginal word – quite probably gaNurru – from the local Guugu Yimidhirr people.

Commissioned by Cook’s botanist Joseph Banks, The Kongouro from New Holland by George Stubbs was the earliest painted representation of a kangaroo in Western art. The study, based on an inflated skin brought back to England by the expedition, imprecisely represented the extraordinary native animal. Nevertheless, the intense interest it generated helped establish the word ‘kangaroo’ and widespread knowledge of the creature’s existence on the far side of the world.

Neil Vance, Group Manager - Minted Products, said the kangaroo remained an exotic and striking species to many people outside Australia. “The unusual way in which it hops and the fact that females rear their young inside a pouch makes it one of the most endearing and fascinating animals in the world. As a powerful symbol of The Perth Mint’s uncompromising quality for almost 30 years, there was certainly a need to portray the animal’s unique characteristics on Australian bullion coins across our suite of three investment metals.”

The recent launch of the 1oz Australian Silver Kangaroo created significant interest worldwide. Demand for the 2016-dated release exceeded 10 million coins.

The trio is now complete with the addition of the first Australian Platinum Kangaroo coin. Offered solely as a 1oz release, it replaces the Australian Platypus as a convenient and cost-effective way to own pure platinum in the form of official legal tender.

Methods of Purchase

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin Series

 • Individual 1 kilo coin

 • Individual 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins with exclusive 2018 design

Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin Series

 • Individual 1oz coin

 • Tube of 25 1oz coins

 • Mini monster box (10 tubes)

Australian Kangaroo Platinum Coin Series

 • Individual 1oz coin

Registered clients can purchase these and other Australian bullion coins from our bullion website - www.perthmintbullion.com. We also welcome walk-in customers at our Shop located at 310 Hay Street, East Perth, and callers on 1300 201 112 or +61 8 9421 7218.

For those who prefer to deal with a local supplier, The Perth Mint markets the complete range through a network of authorised distributors in Australia and around the world.Save

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Why India’s gold sales shine

As the world’s second largest consumer of gold, India can exert a significant influence on the precious metals market. Indian demand is particularly robust for one of the country’s key festivals, Diwali, which starts this week.

Perhaps the most important and widely celebrated Hindu festival, Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness and honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

This year could prove to be a bumper one following a decision by the Indian government to exclude gold retailers from the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The move has freed customers from the need to provide their tax code for every purchase above 50,000 rupees.

Precious metal consultancy GFMS has reported that India’s gold imports in September were up 31% from a year ago as jewellers increased their purchases to meet the expected demand*.

The country’s imports could rise above 70 tonnes for October as banks and other importers are increasing overseas purchases for the five-day Diwali festival, GFMS said. “Higher purchases by India, the world’s second-biggest consumer, could lend support to global prices,” it added.

Diwali, or the festival of lights, is one of a number of significant Hindu festivals celebrated at this time of year. Late last month Hindus celebrated Dussehra, the victory of good over evil, during which gold buying is also considered auspicious.

But perhaps nothing displays India’s insatiable appetite for gold more than the wedding season which takes place between October and December

There are up to 20 million weddings in India every year and brides love to take gold jewellery to extravagant levels, many wearing spectacular hair accessories, nose rings, earrings, necklaces and amulets.

At these highly ritualised events gold is liberally exchanged among couples and their families in the form of gifts or coins. These symbols of prosperity and security epitomise gold’s deep-rooted allure in Indian culture.  

As well as signifying wealth and status, gold has been part of worship, culture and mythology for thousands of years. No possession is deemed more valuable.

No wonder that when plentiful monsoonal rains boost crop yields, there is nothing flush farming folk like more than exchanging their hard earned cash for gold. It’s said the rural population account for about a third of India’s gold consumption.

There’s also plenty of interest for gold among the country’s burgeoning urban middle class, with wealthy investors and speculators now trading in the metal at the heart of many Indian traditions.


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Majestic Swan coin now available in gold

Topics [ Australian Swan gold bullion coins ]

The inaugural Australian Gold Swan 1oz bullion coin is an exciting new opportunity for investors prepared to move fast.

Just 5,000 of these 2017 coins will be available worldwide for buyers who appreciate beautiful legal tender issues.


Struck by The Perth Mint from 1oz of 99.99% pure gold, the new coin features the majestic swan design originally unveiled on our 2017 Australian Silver Swan. Limited to a mintage of 25,000, this release was subject to intense demand and quickly sold out.

Purchasers can acquire the gold coin at our Bullion Trading Room, open seven days a week at 310 Hay Street, East Perth, or call Customer Services on 1300 201 112 during normal business hours.

Registered Australian clients can order online at any time from our bullion sales site – www.perthmint.com.

All international customers please visit www.apmex.com.

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New study backs gold as an effective hedge

The case for adding gold to your investment portfolio has won a powerful new advocate.

Cameron Crise, Bloomberg’s Macro Man and self-confessed gold sceptic, recently undertook a “Mythbusters-style approach” to ­discovering whether gold is an effective hedge in times of risk.

His investigation tests the argument that a small stash of gold can balance out losses in other assets during market turmoil and political crisis.

Previous analysis in this area supports the notion that over time, gold holds its value and outperforms risk assets in such circumstances. Crise looks at only modern data from between 1990 and 2015 to see if the contention remains valid.

He begins by looking for evidence of a statistical relationship between risk aversion and the price of gold, and subsequently tests the potential pitfalls of the methodology employed.

Surprised at the results, he admits that before the study he thought gold’s effectiveness as hedge was “simply a myth”.

Based on the findings, Crise concludes: “Given the solid performance of a portfolio including gold and the chance that the comfort of owning some might prevent investors from panicking at the height of a crisis, I have to conclude that the notion of gold as a hedge against serious risk aversion is true.”


Source: Bloomberg - Is Gold Really a Good Hedge? by Cameron Crise.

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Kookaburras flying high in 2018

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Kookaburra ]

Today marks the availability worldwide of our iconic Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Series for 2018.

Struck from 99.99% pure silver with impeccable attention to detail, this year’s coins are available in 1 kilo, 10oz and 1 ounce sizes. In keeping with recent tradition, the 1oz release is restricted to a maximum mintage of 500,000.


Produced annually since 1990 with fresh artistic interpretations of Australia’s most famous bush bird, the Kookaburra is regarded by investors worldwide as a cost-effective and convenient way to acquire silver bullion in the trusted form of Australian legal tender.

This year’s arresting and especially detailed design portraying a kookaburra in flight against the backdrop of a harvest moon will make an impressive addition to any silver coin portfolio.

Registered clients can buy Kookaburra coins online at www.perthmintbullion.com. Other interested purchasers can visit our Bullion Trading Room seven days a week at 310 Hay Street, East Perth, or call Customer Services on 1300 201 112 or +61 8 9421 7218 during normal business hours.

For those who prefer to deal with a local supplier, The Perth Mint markets the complete Australian Bullion Gold, Silver and Platinum Coin Program, comprising Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar coins, through a network of authorised distributors in Australia and around the world.

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Monthly Sales – September 2017

Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in September 2017 as coins and minted bars:

  - Gold (Au): 46,415 oz

  - Silver (Ag): 697,849 oz

This chart shows total monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

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