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Resolute to pay shareholders in gold via Perth Mint Depository Online

Australian Stock Exchange-listed gold miner Resolute Mining has announced that shareholders with more than 5,000 shares may choose to receive their dividend payments in gold.

The company’s innovative dividend policy has been achieved through a partnership with the Western Australia State-owned Perth Mint, the integrated precious metal refining and coining business which also operates the only government guaranteed bullion investment and storage program in the world.

Eligible Resolute shareholders who opt to receive dividends in gold will have physical gold accredited to a Perth Mint Depository Online Account established in their name.

Depository Online is a recent extension of the Mint’s traditional Depository Program, which currently holds $3 billion worth of client metal in high-security vaults. Operational 24/7 via a secure online trading platform, the new service enables account holders to buy and sell gold, silver or platinum at any time, with the reassurance that all metal holdings are in the Mint’s safe-keeping.

CEO of The Perth Mint, Richard Hayes (left) with Resolute’s Managing Director and CEO, John Welborn.

Resolute’s Managing Director and CEO, John Welborn said the company’s new dividend policy provided a perfect opportunity for investors who seek direct exposure to our underlying commodity.

Describing Resolute’s initiative as bold and unique, CEO of The Perth Mint, Richard Hayes commented:  “Innovation is a key driver in our business and we are delighted to partner with one of our most successful long term clients to provide them with these facilities.”

Resolute today announced it will pay a dividend of 1.7 cents per share after achieving a record profit of $213 million.

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World Gold Council: Investor demand for gold soars in Q2 2016

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Some key findings of the latest WGC Gold Demand Trends report:

 • Q2 2016 continued in the same vein as Q1 with overall gold demand growing to 1,050 tonnes, up 15% from the Q2 2015.

 • Q2 investment demand was 448 tonnes, up 141% from 186 tonnes in the same period last year.

 • Investment has now been the largest component of global gold demand for two consecutive quarters – the first time this has ever happened.

 • H1 demand for coins, bars and especially exchange-traded funds reached 1,064 tonnes, up 16% from the previous first-half year record in 2009.

 • Western investors generated the bulk of this demand, with smaller-scale investors very much in evidence in the U.S. and Europe.

 • The jewellery sector was depressed, with high and volatile prices creating unfavourable conditions for consumers in most markets.

 • Q2 global jewellery demand fell 14% to 444 tonnes versus 514 tonnes in the same period last year.

 • At 77 tonnes, central bank demand decreased 40% in Q2 2016, compared to 127 tonnes in the same period last year.

 • Nevertheless, overall gold demand for Q2 2016 increased by 15% to 1,050 tonnes, up from 910 tonnes in Q2 2015

Download Gold Demand Trends Q2 2016

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Delivery v Storage – Perth Mint provides online solutions for both camps

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When it comes the utilizing the convenience of the world wide web to purchase bullion, The Perth Mint offers buyers two routes to assess.

For those who consider physical possession of their bullion to be essential, option one offers access to a wide choice of Australian gold and silver coins and bars for immediate delivery.

For those concerned about the security of their valuable assets, however, option two provides the ability to acquire precious metals on an allocated, pool allocated and unallocated basis for safe storage in the Mint’s secure vaults.


Purchase For Physical Delivery - www.perthmintbullion.com

A trusted source of bullion for six years and one of the first online platforms to provide constantly updated live market pricing, the Mint’s bullion sales site presents an extensive line-up of pure gold and pure silver investment products for delivery.

As well as the renowned Australian Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar coin series, the list includes a large range of minted and cast bars, providing options to purchase from as small as 1 gram of gold and 1/2oz of silver. [See the entire range here.]

Shipped from Perth with optional insurance for delivery within Australia, and internationally throughout a large part of Asia, gold and silver bullion orders are handled exclusively by the Mint’s established courier and secure courier partners.

Open an account.

Purchase For Secure Storage - www.perthmint.com/storage

Depository Online is an extension of the Mint’s traditional Depository Program, which currently holds $3 billion worth of client metal. The new service enables clients to benefit from the immediacy of the web to trade pure precious metals held in three storage categories: Allocated, Pool Allocated, and Unallocated.

The table below summarises the key differences between the types of storage, the main one being the segregation of the physical metal backing the storage type.

[For further info check our FAQs.]

Operated by a secure online platform allowing clients to transact at any time, Depository Online accepts orders from as little as $50.

Open an account.

With passionate viewpoints on both sides of the delivery v storage debate, The Perth Mint has designed unrivaled online trading solutions catering for both camps. Offering a Government Guarantee together with over a century of minting excellence, there is no better qualified organization so finely attuned to the needs of precious metal investors.


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Monthly Sales – July 2016


Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in July 2016 as coins and minted bars.

  - Gold (Au): 16,870 oz

  - Silver (Ag): 693,447 oz

This chart shows total monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Slower summer sales in North America where distributors reported they were well stocked with product impacted Australian gold and silver minted products during July. Compared to the previous month, demand out of continental Europe also became subdued in the post-Brexit, holiday environment.

Nevertheless, The Perth Mint saw interest in its 2016 Australian Kangaroo 1oz silver bullion coin hold up strongly, announcing that sales had topped 10 million units since its launch in September 2015.

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10 Mighty Coin Facts

In just its second venture outside of Perth, the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin has been transported 600 kilometres east to the renowned gold mining city of Kalgoorlie where it is now on display for the inaugural day of the Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum, which is celebrating its 25th year.

The Perth Mint CEO and Diggers & Dealers ChairmanDiggers & Dealers Chairman Nick Giorgetta (left) with Perth Mint CEO Richard Hayes.

The colossal coin was created as the pinnacle of the nation’s gold bullion coin program, and is used to promote Australian gold internationally. Welcoming its special appearance at the conference, Diggers & Dealers Chairman Nick Giorgetta said that the coin “demonstrates to the industry, and to the world, how remarkable achievements such as this can heighten the promotion of gold on the world stage.”

Here are 10 fascinating facts to whet your appetite for the One Tonne Gold Coin, which will be returning to it preeminent station in the Mint’s public Gold Exhibition shortly.

• Measuring 80cm wide by 13cm deep, it holds the Guinness World Record for the largest coin in the world.

• It’s mostly comprised of gold recovered from the Kalgoorlie area, once dubbed the “richest square mile on earth”.

• The raw gold was refined by The Perth Mint, which operates one of the largest refineries in the world, to a purity of 999.9 parts per thousand.

• Way too big to be handled on a coin press, the gold was poured into a giant graphite mould featuring laser-etched versions of the coin’s two sides.

• The ‘red kangaroo’ design was created by Geelong-born Stuart Devlin, who famously designed Australia’s decimal currency.

• Thousands of man-hours and enormous patience were required to hand-polish and finish the coin’s surfaces.

• Australian Treasury authorised it as official Australian legal tender, so it’s real money!

• But forget about putting it in your pocket. Typically, it’s moved with a gantry crane and a specially-made cradle.

• Even though it has a face-value of ‘1,000,000 dollars', the current gold price means its intrinsic worth is in excess of AU$60 million.

• The only other time the One Tonne Gold Coin left Perth was during its 2014 European road trip when it visited Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, where many investors favour Australian bullion coins.

How it was made?  See The Perth Mint Makes World's Largest Gold Coin video.

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