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A million Silver Kangaroos a month!

Topics [ Australian Kangaroo silver bullion coins buy silver coins ]


To keep up with demand, The Perth Mint has produced 7.5 million Australian Kangaroo 1oz silver bullion coins since it was released 7.5 months ago. The first Australian bullion coin to be made from 99.99% pure silver, the iconic release comes with an innovative authentication feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter ‘A’. Representing exceptional value for money, the coin has attracted attention from investors around the world for whom the press is currently running flat-out!

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Perth Mint branded gold in great demand in China

Topics [ gold refining buy silver buy gold ]


Richard Hayes, CEO of The Perth Mint, explains to 2GB’s Ross Greenwood how China’s continuing appetite for Perth Mint branded gold has contributed to its strong performance in the first half of this financial year.

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Perth Mint Achieves Record Half-Year Results


The Perth Mint has recorded its best half-yearly performance in 117 years of operations with record revenue of $4.4 billion and a pre-tax profit of $24.9 million for Q1/Q2 of the 2015/16 financial year.

Owned by the Government of Western Australia, The Perth Mint is Australia’s only multi-accredited and vertically integrated precious metals business. The Mint systematically adds value to Australian precious metals at every stage of production while generating global interest in the asset class.

Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes, who has led the organisation’s new administration since 1 July 2015, said the past six months had been a period of renewal and innovation at the Mint, which included the execution of new operational and product development strategies. “These efforts have strengthened our position and provided us with greater flexibility to respond to market demands.


“Examples of this include the launch of our Depository Online precious metals investment and storage platform, and the release of a new silver bullion coin that is manufactured in large volumes using our own unique production method, which has greatly encouraged sales,” he said.

For further information, read the full media statement and Perth Mint Fact File.

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Bullion Coin Sales And Mintage Update For 2015

Topics [ buy silver bullion online buy gold bullion online ]


The Perth Mint has published updated Sales and Mintage [pdf] data sheets for the Australian Bullion Coin Program.

The updated sheets include ‘Declared Mintages’ for all eligible gold, silver and platinum bullion coins issued for 2015.

The updated sheets also include ‘Sales to Date’ figures for other coins in the Program as at 31 December 2015.

Visit The Perth Mint website to view all available Sales and Mintage data sheets or click the links below to directly download individual pdf documents.

The Australian Platypus Platinum Bullion Coin Series 2011 - 2016
The Australian Nugget Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin Series 1987 - 2016
The Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Series 1990-2016
The Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin Series 2007 - 2016
The Australian Lunar Gold Bullion Series Two 2008 - 2016
The Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Series Two 2008 - 2016
Australian Bullion Privy Mark Coins 2011 - 2016
Perth Mint Bullion Other Sales 2015-2016


For further information please read The Perth Mint Mintage Policy.

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Is gold a good investment?

Topics [ buy silver buy gold ]


With help from Perth Mint CEO Richard Hayes, financial expert Nick Bruining examines gold, revealing how much economists say is wise to include in your portfolio.

[Footage courtesy of 7 News Perth].

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2016 Kilo Silver Koala Available Now

Topics [ Australian Koala buy silver coins ]


The 2016 Australian Koala 1 kilo silver bullion coin for investors is now in stock at The Perth Mint.

Portraying a koala walking along a branch of a eucalyptus tree, it’s made from 99.9% pure silver and issued as Australian legal tender.

The coin will be sold until the 2017 release is issued, at which point its production will cease completely. The coin’s final mintage will be declared on The Perth Mint website as an official record of its rarity.


Buyers can call the Mint on 1300 201 112 (Australia), +61 8 9421 7218 (International), or go online at www.perthmintbullion.com (registration required).

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