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The Perth Mint – leading the world in precious metals

As a world-leading fully integrated precious metals business, our products and services span refining, investment and treasury solutions to bullion and numismatic products and custom minting. For a fuller picture, you’re invited to view our new corporate video highlighting each facet of The Perth Mint’s operations.

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Gold Corporation Chairman Don Mackay-Coghill Honoured As First Member of The Gold Industry Hall of Fame

The Perth Mint is delighted to announce that Mr Don Mackay-Coghill was this week inducted into The Gold Industry Hall of Fame at the 2016 Precious Metals Investment Symposium Gala Awards Dinner in Sydney.

Mr Mackay-Coghill, who has spent his entire career in the gold industry, is the Chairman of Gold Corporation, operator of Australia’s largest vertically integrated precious metals enterprise, The Perth Mint.

Commencing his career in South Africa, where he was responsible for introducing the Krugerrand, Mr Mackay-Coghill moved to Western Australia in 1986 to oversee Australia’s successful entry into world bullion coin markets. Under his leadership as Chief Executive Officer of Gold Corporation, a position he held for 17 years, The Perth Mint developed an acclaimed reputation for the quality of its gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.

Mr Richard Hayes, who was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Gold Corporation in 2015 said, “Don has been an inspiration in our industry. His role in establishing Australia as one of the world’s major refiners and suppliers of value-added bullion cannot be underestimated.

“Don is thoroughly deserving of this impressive accolade. On behalf of The Perth Mint and his many industry friends and colleagues, I would like to offer him hearty congratulations on his exceptional achievements.”

Mr Don Mackay-Coghill, Chairman of Gold Corporation (left) with current Chief Executive Officer, Mr Richard Hayes.

During his career, Mr Mackay-Coghill has also served as Joint Chief Executive Officer of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Commemorative Coin Programme, and was a director of The World Gold Council. On his retirement from Gold Corporation, he became a Non-Executive Director. He was also Chairman of AGR Matthey, a precious metals refining joint venture between the Corporation, Johnson Matthey Australia and Newmont Australia.

Chosen by an advisory board consisting of individuals from the precious metals sector with over 200 years combined experience, Mr Mackay-Coghill is the inaugural inductee into The Gold Industry Hall of Fame, an initiative of The Precious Metals Investment Symposium. Attended by major mining, refining, fabrication and retail suppliers, the annual Symposium event provides a forum for Australian precious metals leaders to come together to educate, inform, network and conduct business.

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Golden year for The Perth Mint and Australia’s precious metals industry


A focus on identifying new global markets for Australia’s precious metal products has paid off for The Perth Mint, which has met strong international demand for bullion bars and coins in 2015/16, and delivered a record pre-tax profit of $41.04 million.

The Perth Mint – owned and backed by the Western Australian Government - has added significant value to the export capability of both the state and the nation over the period. It has also supported and promoted Australia’s precious metals industry locally and overseas.

Australia is the world’s second largest producer of gold after China, and The Perth Mint added value to more than 10 million ounces of gold and 22 million ounces of silver in 2015/16 through the export of a wide range of bullion products.

“It has been a good year for gold and silver sales,” said Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes. “International demand for precious metal was high and our operations were well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities,” he said.

The Perth Mint is a vertically integrated precious metals refining, manufacturing, minting, marketing and storage business, operating internationally across the precious metals value chain. It also plays a significant role in supporting Australian producers of precious metals.

The Perth Mint Refinery maintained its industry leadership position in 2015/16 despite local and overseas competition, refining 94 per cent of Australia’s gold doré production.

“The mining companies that supply gold and silver doré to us from local and overseas mines are critical to our business,” Mr Hayes said. “In 2015/16, $13.14 billion of gold was supplied by our refinery as value-added cast bars to overseas clients.

“Our Minted Products business more than tripled its production of gold, silver and platinum coins and minted bars over the period to 16.22 million, the majority of which was marketed and sold overseas. This was a significant factor in our record result,” he said.

“The Perth Mint has a long and proud 117-year history of both supporting the Australian gold mining industry, whilst adding significantly to Western Australia’s export capabilities,” said Premier Colin Barnett. “It is also a key strategic asset that creates value for the mining sector across the whole country.”

The Perth Mint is the state’s sixth largest exporter, and has contributed $200 million to Western Australia over the last 10 years by way of dividends and tax equivalent payments.

More than 30,000 local and international customers store their precious metal, valued in excess of $3 billion, in the Mint’s central bank grade vaults. Adding to its existing storage options, which are designed to allow customers to invest easily in gold and silver without the need to take physical delivery, The Perth Mint recently established its Depository Online facility with investment options available from as little as $50.

Mr Hayes believes there is good reason to be bullish about gold and silver.

“Investing in precious metals makes good sense given the global volatility and uncertainty we see today,” he said. “It’s a safe-haven asset class that has served investors very well over time.”

Since taking the reins in July 2015, Mr Hayes and a new executive team have restructured and revitalised the organisation into a more efficient and customer focused operation.

“A revised strategic direction, a greater focus on organisational culture and performance, and appropriate investment in technology and infrastructure supported by a reinvigorated Board has delivered results, and will continue to do so through the talent and commitment of our people,” he concluded.

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Understanding the benefits of Allocated, Pool Allocated and Unallocated precious metals storage

Topics [ depository services depository depository online ]

A global leader in precious metals, The Perth Mint offers the highest quality gold, silver and platinum products for investors.

A popular way of acquiring these precious metals is through our depository service which enables investors to easily buy bullion and have it safely stored in the Mint's high-security vaults in Australia, all covered by a guarantee from the Government of Western Australia.

Depository accounts include the established Depository Program (PMDP), and the increasingly popular Depository Online (PMDO), a secure online trading platform particularly suitable for investors who want to be able to react quickly 24 hours a day to the dynamic precious metals markets.

Bullion purchased through either of these account types can be stored in a choice of Allocated, Pool Allocated or Unallocated format. Each type has specific benefits, which are important to understand before proceeding with your first order.


Applicable to gold and silver, Allocated means you purchase our physical bullion products which we segregate in our high-security vaulting facilities under your name.

As the outright owner of an Allocated holding, you pay for the precious metal and also fabrication costs for making it into the finished product of your choice. Currently, we offer PMDO clients the option of seven gold bars ranging from 1oz to 400oz, as well as 1 kilo, 100oz and 1,000oz silver bars.


As the custodian of Allocated metal, we charge a fee for keeping it safe and secure in our vault. However, the advantage of this type of storage is your metal is readily available for inspection, pick-up or delivery - an important consideration for some clients.

Pool Allocated

For Pool Allocated storage (silver only) we set aside numbered 1,000oz silver bars into a segregated pool which backs the amount of silver we owe to customers choosing this option.

Clients each own a share of this pool of bars, rather than specific bars as with Allocated. (A list of numbered bars providing physical backing for Pool Allocated is available here.)

One of the chief benefits of pooling silver bars is that customers pay reduced fabrication and storage fees. If required, however, they may pay the balance of the fabrication charge to convert their holdings into finished bullion products for collection or for storage at the Mint as Allocated.


Currently available for both gold and platinum, Unallocated is the most popular option among our depository clients because there are no ongoing storage fees. Unfortunately, the unique way in which we operate this option is sometimes misunderstood.

You can think of Unallocated metal as the Mint’s working inventory. Clients choosing the Unallocated option are therefore buying into the pool of working metal which we use to facilitate our day-to-day operations.

The ounces held in each client’s account are completely unaffected if we use the actual metal backing Unallocated. That’s because the metal is used on a ‘fungible’ basis – meaning it is immediately replaced in the inventory by exactly the same amount as we take out. Accordingly, every Unallocated ounce is 100% backed by physical metal.

This arrangement provides benefits to both parties. The huge upside for clients is that there are no storage or fabrication fees. Another benefit is that you can sell as many ounces as you require, rather than a whole bar as with Allocated.

Once again, you can convert your Unallocated holding to Allocated products for collection or segregated storage in our vaults whenever you require.

Trusted worldwide

The Perth Mint has operated its depository service since the 1990s. We now manage more than $3 billion worth of investors’ metal on behalf of around 30,000 clients from over 100 countries.

We are subject to rigorous corporate governance and control, including an annual audit of our operations which is undertaken by a major accounting firm on behalf of the State Auditor General (see Annual Reports).

In terms of reassurances, however, nothing provides greater peace of mind to our clients than the fact that we operate the only government guaranteed precious metal storage program in the world. So when it comes to keeping your precious metal assets safe and secure, there is no better choice of services than those offered by the world-renowned Perth Mint.Save

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NEW Close-up view of the 2017 Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin

Topics [ buy silver bullion online Australian Kookaburra buy silver coins ]

Australia's longest established 99.9% pure silver bullion coin series, the Australian Kookaburra is renowned internationally for its investment potential and collectability. A stunning new image of two laughing kookaburras sitting on a fence is portrayed on the 2017-dated releases, which come in 1oz, 10oz, and 1 kilo sizes. 

Available from today, the new coins can be purchased from the Bullion Trading Desk at The Perth Mint, 310 Hay Street in East Perth, on the BullionLine 1300 201 112 (Australia), +61 8 9421 7218 (International) or at perthmintbullion.com. Investors can also check the availability of the releases with leading bullion coin dealers.

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Perth Mint CEO talks about Precious Metals Investment Symposium

Topics [ gold investing ]

A keynote speaker at 7th Annual Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Sydney, Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer Richard Hayes will explain his view that gold is the only true value of wealth in the world today. In this video, Richard previews his address at next week’s event and answers how investors can best gain exposure to gold.

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