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Perth Mint Closes Order Book On Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coin

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Phenomenal interest in the 2014 Australian Saltwater Crocodile means that The Perth Mint has now received committed orders for 1 million coins.

As a result, this release is no longer available for sale to wholesale or retail customers. An announcement about the coin’s sell out at the Mint will be made shortly, pending the manufacture and delivery of remaining coins in the mintage.

Made from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, the Australian Saltwater Crocodile silver bullion coin was launched less than three weeks ago with a maximum mintage of 1 million.

Early indicators suggested the coin, which was available for sale in multiples of 25 at an extremely cost-competitive rate, would be highly successful.

Even so, the speed with which the market has responded to this release has surpassed all expectations.

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Perth Mint First Refinery Accredited By Shanghai Gold Exchange

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Last week The Perth Mint was the first refinery to be officially recognised by the Shanghai Gold Exchange. While The Perth Mint’s bars have been imported into China for many years, the accreditation provides assurance to Chinese firms that the Mint’s bars are “good delivery”.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange accreditation confirms The Perth Mint’s standing as one of the most widely accepted marks in the international gold market, which it has been servicing for over 115 years. In addition to the Shanghai Gold Exchange accreditation, he Perth Mint’s brand is recognised by other leading gold and silver markets, including:

  London Bullion Market Association - first listed circa 1928

  CME Group (COMEX) - listed here

  Tokyo Commodity Exchange – listed here

  Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange – listed here

China has become a major destination for the approximately 300 tonnes ($12 billion) of gold The Perth Mint refines from Australian and other regional mines each year.

Clarification: The Perth Mint is the first non-Chinese refinery to be recognised. SGE has accredited domestic refineries for many years.

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Gold Demand In India And China Falls


Gold demand in China and India, the world’s biggest consumers, fell in Q1 2014 compared to the previous year's record levels, the World Gold Council said today.

Consumer gold demand in China fell 18 percent to 263.2 tonnes (t), with Chinese demand for gold coins and bars down 55% to 60t in Q1, the industry group said in its latest quarterly Demand Trends report.

Consumer demand in India fell 26% to 190.3t, with Indian investment in bars and coins down 54% to 44.7t. Local duty and restrictions on gold imports were among the factors dampening purchases, it said.

Globally, demand for jewellery totalled 571t in Q1 2014, a 3% rise on the same period last year. Gold buying by central banks fell 6% compared to Q1 2013, while outflows from gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs) slowed to just 0.2t, compared to the more substantial fall of 177t seen a year earlier.

Overall gold consumption was 1,074t, almost unchanged compared to the same period in 2013, signalling a return to long term average patterns of demand, the World Gold Council said.

Download Gold Demand Trends First Quarter 2014 [pdf 1.8 mb]

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New Australian Silver Bullion Coin Portrays Saltwater Crocodile

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The Saltwater Crocodile occupies an exalted position in the pantheon of famous Australian animals. Feared as a man-eater, revered as a pre-historic survivor, and epitomised in popular culture as a symbol of tropical Australia, it is an awe-inspiring wildlife spectacle.

Measuring up to 8 metres long and weighing over 1,000 kilograms, Saltwater Crocodiles are equipped with more than 60 teeth and probably the greatest bite pressure of any animal. Large prey captured in this mighty vice will be slain and torn-apart by way of their most famous manoeuvre - the legendary “death roll”.

Australian Saltwater Crocodile silver coin

2014 Australian Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The Perth Mint is pleased to announce the availability of a stunning bullion coin with a design paying tribute to this breathtaking animal. Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver and issued as Australian legal tender, the 2014 Australian Saltwater Crocodile bullion coin has a limited mintage of 1 million.

This new investor release is available in multiples of 25, which come in protective acrylic tubes sealed with a tamper-evident security seal. There are 20 tubes to a ‘monster box’, which comes free with purchases of 500 coins.


Value for Money

The Saltwater Crocodile is offered at $5.00 over spot for quantities of 25, reducing to $3.95 for orders of 500 coins or more.

Click here to buy now or call 1300 201 112 / +61 8 9421 7218.

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Infographic - The Eclipsing Demand Of The East

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Consumer demand for gold reached an all-time high in 2013 at 3,893 tonnes. More than half of this demand came from two places - India and China. The third infographic in the Gold Series explores factors behind rampant demand in the East.

Source: Visual Capitalist

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Monthly Sales – April 2014

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in April 2014 as coins and minted bars.

 - Gold (Au): 23,461

 - Silver (Ag): 361,988

- Please note that April 2014 gold sales has been revised to 22,270oz and that this will be reflected in subsequent graphs published on this blog

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