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Chinese Gold Demand Predicted to Rise

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China’s demand for gold is expected to grow by around 20% over the next few years, according to the World Gold Council.

Last year Chinese consumers bought 1,132 tonnes of gold in jewellery, as well as gold bars and coins.

That is likely to rise to 1,350 tonnes by 2017, the Council said in a new report, citing a number of drivers such as government policy and a rapidly expanding middle-class.

Liberalisation of the gold market in China began in the late 1990s with gold bullion products first offered by local commercial banks in 2004.

With rapid urbanisation, China’s middle-class could top 500 million people by the end of the decade, a significantly larger number than the current population of the United States.

"The cultural affinity for gold runs deep in China and when this is combined with an increasingly affluent population and a supportive government, there is significant room for the market to grow even further,” said Albert Cheng, Managing Director of the Far East at the World Gold Council.

China is the world’s largest consumer of gold since overtaking India last year.

WGC Report: China's gold market: progress and prospects

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In Conversation With Great White Shark Coin Designer

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Interview: Natasha Muhl is the creative force behind the 2014 Great White Shark Silver Bullion Coin.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
I’m from the Kimberley in the North West of Western Australia, so I spent a lot of time outdoors in nature growing up. This would probably be my biggest inspiration, especially when it comes to designing Australian fauna-themed coins. While doing my research for any new series, I tend to look at a range of photography and watch nature documentaries. This helps me to accurately recreate the animal. I also take inspiration from coin collecting catalogues and numismatic magazines, as it’s always great to see what other mints are up to and keep ideas fresh.

How do you start the design process?
The Perth Mint Sales and Marketing team meet fortnightly to discuss potential concepts for each coin program. Once the theme has been determined, the designers are given a detailed creative brief to follow. As part of the research process we often take part in field trips. With the Great White Shark bullion coin for example, I visited the Aquarium of Western Australia and dived with a range of sharks. It was wonderful to come face to face with these amazing creatures and it really helped steer my creative process.

What are some of your favourite coins?
There are so many to choose from, but I would have to say The Perth Mint’s Famous Ballets Silver proof coin set, with its subtle pad printing details, is one of my favourites. More recently I’m really enjoying the Gods of Olympus series which is struck in high relief to a rimless format – a first for the Mint! These mythological gods are quite dark and moody so it is an exciting concept for the design studio. They have also proven to be extremely popular with collectors which is always great.

How did you get into designing coins?
I studied at Central Institute of Technology [in Perth], graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design in 2009. Fellow Perth Mint designer, Tom Vaughan, was a previous classmate of mine and he kindly recommended me to the Mint when they were looking for a new illustrator. It’s always been my dream to become a designer, so I feel very fortunate to work for The Perth Mint as I get the chance to illustrate a broad range of themes for a variety of audiences.

Why a shark instead of another sea predator or animal?
The Great White Shark is probably the most feared and interesting predator in existence. Most people around the world have watched the movie Jaws and can imagine the terror of an encounter with this deadly creature. I think that’s what makes them so exciting and sought-after.

Originally posted on The Official APMEX Inc. Blog

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Perth Mint Releases Awesome Great White Shark Silver Bullion Coin

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Few other creatures rouse such awe, fascination and fear in humans than the Great White Shark. A predatory inhabitant of the world’s oceans for millions of years, the torpedo-shaped animal with its characteristic conical snout grows to six metres and more in length. Armed with rows of terrifying serrated teeth and formidable jaw strength, the Great White can ambush its prey from below with ferocious power. Despite an often fraught relationship with mankind, the Great White Shark plays a vital role maintaining a healthy balance within the marine ecosystem.


In tribute to this awesome animal and its prevalence in popular culture, The Perth Mint has released the 2014 Great White Shark 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin. Portraying an ominous impression of one of the world’s most deadly predators, the Australian legal tender coin is struck from 99.9% pure silver with a maximum mintage of 300,000.


The Great White Shark 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin is available in multiples of 25, which come in protective acrylic tubes.  A purchase of 20 tubes (500 coins) is housed in an additional ‘monster box’.


Volume discounts

These coins are sold with attractive volume discounts for silver bullion coin investors. Full details of volume discounts for customers in Australia can be seen at www.perthmintbullion.com.

Worldwide sales outside Australia are handled exclusively by www.apmex.com.

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Infographic - Unearthing The World’s Gold Supply

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Where does gold come from and how much is actually left? Check out Part 2 of the Gold Series of infographics from Visual Capitalist.

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Monthly Sales – March 2014

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in March 2014 as coins and minted bars.

 - Gold (Au): 30,177

 - Silver (Ag): 545,165

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