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Why 'Ordinary' People Value Gold

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Gillian Tett, award-winning journalist at Britain’s Financial Times, has suggested a new analysis of the rising interest in gold.

Once perceived as the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful, gold has caught the attention of many ‘ordinary’ people over the past decade.

For her article Gold: worth its weight?, published on November 21, she suggests that the rise in interest in gold among the public can to some extent be based on the fact that monetary affairs are completely beyond the control of average citizens.

“Most ordinary people have no idea what central banks are really doing, with their trillion-dollar experiments. They are unnerved about how money works in a bottomless cyber space. But the beauty of gold is that it seems tangible, clear and finite. It also seems timeless, creating an impression of permanent, intrinsic value.”

Discover more about this important article with GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne – click here to read.

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What’s The Swiss Gold Referendum?


Been wondering what the Swiss gold referendum is about? Gainesville Coins explains all in this infographic published by Visual Capitalist.

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What Are The Origins Of The Terms 'Bull' And 'Bear'?

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Right now there’s much discussion about whether gold is headed for a bear market after its decade-long bull run. Time will tell, but the current debate may make you wonder how ‘bull’ and ‘bear’ entered the financial lexicon?

A bull is a boisterous, charging animal that throws its victim up in the air. A bear is slower, hibernates for long periods and is more likely to throw its quarry to the ground. Investopedia says these “actions are metaphors for the movement of a market. If the trend is up, it's a bull market. If the trend is down, it's a bear market.”

But the murky origins of the use of these terms suggest the explanation is probably not so straight forward.

One of the most frequently cited stories relates to bear skin jobbers in early 18th century London. In anticipation of falling prices, these middle men (or ‘bears’) sold their wares before the animals had even been caught - an early form of short selling. The contemporary proverb "don't sell the bear skin before you've killed the bear" highlighted the risks they ran.

This type of selling was also used by people involved in the South Sea Bubble, the share speculation mania that ruined many British investors in 1720. According to the Merriam Webster New Book of Word Histories, the scandal brought the term bear into widespread use.

Both bear-baiting and bull-baiting were popular blood sports at the time and from this it seems the bull was chosen to describe the opposite kind of trader. Just before the South Sea Bubble burst, poet Alexander Pope penned the lines: Come, fill the South Sea goblet full; The gods shall of our stock take care; Europa pleased accepts the Bull, And Jove with joy puts off the Bear.

In America, an attempt to corner the gold market in 1869 resulted in plunging gold prices and a stock-market panic. Reinforcing the symbolism, famous American cartoonist Thomas Nast portrayed dead bulls and a bear in a heap in front of a roped-off Wall Street with a sign reading This ‘Street’ is closed for repairs.

Today, New York’s renowned Charging Bull sculpture symbolises aggressive financial optimism and prosperity. Other notable sculptures include a bull and bear facing each other outside Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange (below).

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Indian Jewellery Demand A Highlight In Subdued Q3 Gold Market – World Gold Council

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Demand for gold dropped by 2 percent in the three months ending September 30 to 929.3 tonnes compared with the third quarter in 2013, the World Gold Council has reported.

The highlight for gold was a resurgent appetite for jewellery in India, which saw a 60 percent year on year increase in Q3 to 183 tonnes. India once again took over as the world's biggest gold consumer, buying 225.1 tonnes of gold jewellery, coins and bars last quarter, compared to 182.7 tonnes in China, a plunge of 37 percent.

“This quarter the market continued to find its feet after an exceptional 2013, with China catching its breath and buying in the build up to Diwali driving Indian jewellery purchases,” Marcus Grubb, Managing Director of Investment Strategy at the World Gold Council said.

In the investment sector, world demand for bars and coins was down 21 percent to 246 tonnes. The WGC said third quarter demand for bars and coins was very close to the 10-year quarterly average of 240.6 tonnes, adding that before the financial crisis of 2008, the European bar and coin market was virtually non-existent.

Full details of the latest WGC findings can be found in Gold Demand Trends Third Quarter 2014 [pdf 1.16 mb]

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2015 Year Of The Goat 1oz Bullion Coins Officially Sold Out

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We’re pleased to announce an official sell out at The Perth Mint of 1oz bullion coins from the 2015 Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series II.

The full mintages of 30,000 gold bullion coins and 300,000 silver bullion coins celebrating the Year of the Goat have been manufactured and sold worldwide.

Continuing the success of Series II, the latest achievement means that all 1oz Lunar bullion coins released since 2008 are now officially sold out at the Mint.

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Monthly Sales – October 2014

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in October 2014 as coins and minted bars.

 - Gold (Au): 55,350oz

 - Silver (Ag): 655,881oz

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