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Silver Threatens Bugs

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Silver has hit the headlines again. The metal has now been shown to have remarkable medical potential in the fight against superbugs.

Silver is no stranger to amazing properties. It has great electrical and thermal conductivity, it is sensitive to light and reflects it well, and it can endure extreme ranges of temperature. As well as being enormously ductile and malleable, it’s highly wear and corrosion resistant too.

Silver has been mined for 5,000 years. Its lustrous appearance makes it highly sought after as jewellery, tableware and ornamentation.

From antiquity, silver played an important monetary role. First used for coins by the ancient Greeks, it functioned as the main means of exchange in daily commerce well into modern times.

As well as being a monetary metal, silver is also an important industrial metal. Used in batteries, bearings, brazing, electronics, automobiles and now in green technologies, silver has innumerable applications.

Silver in Medicine

Considering its versatility, you may not be surprised to learn that silver has been used extensively throughout history for a variety of medical purposes. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates described silver's antimicrobial properties and used it in preparations to promote wound healing.

The very latest discovery could help solve the modern problem of antibiotic resistance. Findings by American scientists show that trace amount of the metal may boost the bacterial killing efficiency of antibiotics by up to 1,000 fold.

How it works remains unclear, so the team at Boston University are hoping their research will inspire others to study silver to see what affords it this feature – shedding even more light on this unique metal and its many amazing properties.

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Thinking About Buying Precious Metal For Your SMSF?

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The Perth Mint has a large and growing number of clients who purchase precious metals for their Self-Managed Super Fund. If you’ve been wondering whether it is possible to diversify your super investments through the addition of bullion, The Perth Mint is a trusted source of investment-grade gold and silver with plenty of experience in helping SMSF trustees.

Buy and Store Yourself

You can purchase a full range of official Australian bullion coins and an extensive choice of small investor bars via www.perthmintbullion.com, the Mint’s specialist bullion sales site featuring ‘live’ pricing.

Made from 99.99% pure gold and 99.9% pure silver, Australia’s bullion coin line-up includes the world-renowned Australian Kangaroo gold coin series, the Australian Kookaburra silver coin series, and Australian Koala silver coin series. An extremely popular alternative, the Australian Lunar coin series is offered in both pure gold and silver.

All web clients buying physical bullion are required to register before buying, so when signing up on behalf of your SMSF, make sure you choose the ‘Trust/Super Fund’ option in the simple registration process.

Gold and silver purchased via the website (or the Mint’s Bullion Telephone Desk - 1300 201 112) will be securely delivered to a customer’s nominated address. If the precious metals are to be stored at home, trustees should ensure that they will not fall foul of the rule against use of art/collectables/personal assets.

Store at The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint Depository, which holds metal worth A$3.5 billion on behalf of clients worldwide, is a convenient alternative for SMSF investors who do not want the inconvenience and risk of storing their precious metals themselves.

The Depository offers bank account-style facilities for which each client’s balance is measured in Troy ounces of gold and/or silver bullion.

Client metal is stored in high security premises on an ‘allocated’ or ‘pool allocated’ basis, which attract ongoing storage fees, or an ‘unallocated’ basis, on which no storage fees apply.

Allocated means your bars and coins are fully segregated for other investors’ metal in the vault. Clients may sell or take delivery of their metal at any time. Unallocated means your bullion is held in the Mint’s pool of precious metal, which is maintained in unsegregated storage on a fungible basis. You may sell your metal at any time, or request physical delivery as allocated coins or bars (fabrication fees apply).

Perth Mint Gold, which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (code: PMGOLD), presents a different method for SMSF trustees to invest in bullion. Traded through a stockbroker with the same ease and convenience as investing in shares, Perth Mint Gold tracks the underlying price of gold and attracts an annual management fee of just 0.15%.

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What’s Next For Gold? Bear vs. Bull Debate


How should investors approach sub $1,300 gold? Visual Capitalist seeks to answer five key questions in this graphical presentation of the 'Bull' and the 'Bear' cases.

Click image for best view:

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Suspended Silver Bullion Coins Back In Production

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Production of Australian silver bullion coins suspended in April has been restored.

As of today, 2oz Lunar Snake, 10oz Koala and 10oz Kookaburra silver bullion coins have been reinstated for sale on the website.

Availability of all other Australian silver bullion coins affected by the temporary suspension will be restored in coming days as stocks are re-built.

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Monthly Sales - May 2013

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint* in May 2013 as coins and minted bars.

 - Gold (Au): 86,983.54

 - Silver (Ag): 587,454.82


(*excludes Depository and Perth Mint Shop.)

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A Question Of Purity

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Purity refers to the amount (by weight) of pure gold an object has. The most common way of describing purity, particularly in the jewellery industry, is by Carats (Karat in the US). Carats are just the purity expressed in units of 24, such that 100% equals 24 carat and 50% equals 12 carat.

For bullion, refiners and dealers use either percentages or fineness (fine being another word for pure). The table below shows the most common purities.

In wholesale investment precious metal markets, physical gold is traded in bars of approximately 400oz with a purity of 99.50% or more. The reason wholesale gold is traded at 99.50% is because it is much cheaper to refine to this purity than 99.99%, which requires additional processes.

Australian gold bullion coins and bars are made from 99.99% pure gold. In verbal discussions, 99.99% is often referred to as "four nines". You may also hear reference to 999.999% gold - six nines - the purest form of gold ever produced.

In 1957, The Perth Mint produced a gold proof plate of almost six nines as measured by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London. The Royal Mint was so impressed that it ordered some of the gold as the benchmark for its own standards.

Image: The Perth Mint's Plate 42C - the purest gold ever tested by the Royal Mint with certificate of verification.

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