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World Gold Council: Why Invest In Gold?

Topics [ gold investing ]


In the latest issue of Gold Investor, the World Gold Council presents its latest body of research which aims to clarify the benefits gold adds to investment portfolios in a precise manner and present measures to quantify its effectiveness.”

“We analyse optimal gold holdings and explain why a 2% to 10%
allocation to gold in well-diversified portfolios makes sense"
- Marcus Grubb, Managing Director, Investment

You can download the free publication (registration required) here.

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Infographic: World’s Highest Gold Producing Countries

Topics [ gold mining ]


An infographic showing Australia was the world’s second largest gold producing country in 2012 at 250 metric tons, some way behind China at 370 metric tons. [From graphs.net via Mining.com].

Chinese output continues to rise: some 270.167 tonnes were produced there between January to August 2013, an increase of 8.2% according to reports citing China Gold Association.

First quarter production in Australia fell 5% from the previous year, but experienced a revival in the three months ended June 30. Output was 67 tonnes, 3 tonnes up from the same period a year ago, according to Surbiton Associates on Reuters.

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Perth Mint Refinery Passes LBMA Responsible Gold Audit

Topics [ gold refining gold refinery ]


The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has announced that The Perth Mint Refinery has successfully passed its Responsible Gold Audit Programme.

It said compliance had been confirmed by an independent third-party audit of the refinery’s production over a 12 month period. The process is on-going.

Since January 2012, all LBMA Good Delivery Gold Refiners have been required to comply with the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance in order to combat systematic or widespread abuses of human rights, to avoid contributing to conflict, to comply with high standards of anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing practice.

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Scientists Discover Gold Grows On Trees

Topics [ gold mining ]


Money doesn’t grow on trees, but according to scientists from CSIRO, gold most certainly does!

They’ve discovered tiny ‘nuggets’ in the leaves and branches of eucalyptus trees growing in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia.

CSIRO geochemist Dr Mel Lintern said the trees act as hydraulic pumps, drawing up water containing gold from tens of metres beneath the surface.

“As the gold is likely to be toxic to the plant, it’s moved to the leaves and branches where it can be released or shed to the ground," he said.

If you’re hoping to spot gold-laden gum eaves, forget it. Unfortunately, it requires advanced x-ray imaging technology to see the grains of precious metal about one-fifth the diameter of a human hair.

However, the discovery may prove a boon to mining exploration companies as the leaves or soil underneath the trees could indicate gold ore deposits buried deep underground.

"The leaves could be used in combination with other tools as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly exploration technique," Dr Lintern said.

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Year of the Horse 1oz Coins Officially Sold Out

Topics [ Year of the Horse silver bullion coins Australian Lunar gold bullion coins ]


We’re pleased to announce an official sell out at The Perth Mint of 1oz bullion coins from the 2014 Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series II.

The full mintages of 30,000 gold bullion coins and 300,000 silver bullion coins celebrating the Year of the Horse have been manufactured and sold to retail and wholesale customers worldwide.

Continuing the success of Series II, the latest achievement means that all 1oz Lunar bullion coins released since 2008 are now officially sold out at the Mint.

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Lunar Bullion Coin Sales Update

Topics [ Year of the Horse Australian Lunar Year of the Snake ]


The next update of the Australian Lunar sales and mintage figures is scheduled for early next year. At that time the pdf documents on the website will be revised to reflect the latest information.

We recently received a question about sales of 2013 Lunar Snake silver bullion coins, however, and I am happy to provide blog readers with interim details ahead of the official announcement.

Sales-to-date of the silver bullion Snakes are as follows:

1/2oz – 160,108

2oz – 55,933

5oz – 20,102

10oz – 28,136

1 kilo – 30,966

Except for the 1 kilo coin, no mintage limit applies to these releases, however production ends at the end of 2013 and, as I indicated above, the maximum mintage of each coin will be declared early in 2014. Latest sales-to-date of the 1 kilo coin will also be updated at this time.

A sell-out of the 1oz Lunar Snake gold and silver bullion coins was announced in this blog posted at the end of October 2012.

On another note, 2014 1oz Lunar Horse gold and silver bullion coins are rapidly approaching their respective maximum mintages of 30,000 and 300,000. Watch out for an announcement of their official sell-outs as early as next week!

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