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2013 Silver Bullion Privy Mark Coin Releases

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Lunar Australian Kookaburra Year of the Snake ]


This year The Perth Mint will be releasing three silver bullion coins featuring privy marks.

Traditionally, a privy mark is a small mark of differentiation in the design of a coin added for the purpose of identifying the mint.

The Perth Mint revived the ancient practice with a memorable series of silver bullion Kookaburra releases during the 1990s.

This year we are issuing Australian Kookaburra and Australian Lunar silver bullion coins featuring the addition of privy marks.

Each release is individually approved in law as a new Australian legal tender coin with its own mintage arrangement. (see Mintage Policy – 3. Coin Variations).

The 2013 releases, which will appear in February, comprise:

1oz Australian Lunar Snake with Bavarian Lion Privy Mark

 - Maximum mintage: 100,000
 - Manufactured for distribution by one of our wholesale clients based in Germany.



1oz Australian Kookaburra with Snake Privy Mark

- Maximum mintage: 50,000
- Manufactured for distribution by wholesale clients based in the United States and Germany.



1oz Australian Kookaburra with F15 Privy Mark

- Maximum mintage: 15,000
- Manufactured exclusively for the Europe-based distributor of the Fabulous 15 Silver Coin program.

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Would You Prefer Your Dividends In Gold?

Topics [ depository invest in gold invest in silver ]


Baker Steel Capital Managers have suggested that as an alternative to paying cash dividends to shareholders, gold miners should be working towards paying dividends in ounces of gold.

Bron Suchecki, Manager, Analysis and Strategy at The Perth Mint, thinks it is an interesting idea and, as he explained to Alan Korelin at the weekend, has some practical suggestions as to how it could be achieved for Depository account holders.

Listen to Bron’s ideas now on the Korelin Economics Report

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GFMS Still Bullish On Gold Price

Topics [ gold market gold prices invest in gold ]


The latest Thomson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey is forecasting that investment demand will drive average gold prices to a record in the first half of 2013 on loose monetary policies and burgeoning sovereign debt. Backed by solid demand from central banks, gold would potentially test $1,900 per oz during the quarter, outweighing a “sizeable bearish contingent” in the market, the metals consultancy is reported to have said.

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Infographic: Silver As An Investment

Topics [ silver investing silver bullion silver prices ]


Silver is like gold in many ways. However, silver investors should be aware of three main differences from gold, explains Visual Capitalist in Part 3 of its Silver Series of infographics.

View Part 1 (The History of Silver) and Part 2 (Supply and Demand for Silver).

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Gold Visualized In Bullion Bars

Topics [ gold bullion bars ]


There’s plenty of wow factor about the graphics in the latest gold bullion infographic from demonocracy.info – including this stunning representation of world government reserves of gold.

Click here to see the complete infographic.

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Surge In Australian Kangaroo Demand

Topics [ gold investing Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coins ]


There has been a surge in wholesale demand for Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coins.

Since being released on 1 October, sales for 2013 Kangaroos are 35% ahead of sales of 2012 Kangaroos at this time last year.

Combined sales of all 2013 Kangaroo denominations (1kg, 1oz 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz) performed even stronger - up 40% on the number of 2012-dated coins sold at this stage 12 months ago.

We’re getting more interest from North America as well as Asia. In line with this week’s reports of strong physical demand in China, we’ve just secured major Kangaroo orders from distributors in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.


Compared to last year’s phenomenal Year of the Dragon, sales of 2013 Australian Lunar – Year of the Snake gold coins are not as strong.

However, demand for the Kangaroo and Lunar series combined puts us clearly ahead of this time last year.

We have also achieved greater market share. According to the latest quarterly data from Thomson Reuters GFMS, The Perth Mint’s share of the worldwide gold bullion coin market has risen from 7% to 13%.

The Perth Mint manufactures the Australian Government’s official bullion coin program. Our coins stand out from other bullion coins due to their superior ‘reverse proof’ quality and annual design changes

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