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Video: 2013 Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin Series

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The new 2013 Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin series is available online from The Perth Mint commencing Tuesday 2 October (see previous blog post).

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Bullion Website Closed For Public Holiday Monday 1 October

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The Perth Mint bullion website will be closed on Monday 1 October 2012. We apologise to any clients who may be inconvenienced by this unavoidable action.

Closure of the site for sales of bullion coins and bars is due to the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday in Western Australia, and the consequent non-opening of our Treasury Department.

Bullion sales on the web, including the new 2013 Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin series, will resume on Tuesday 2 October at 8.30 am WST time.

Please note that the launch of the 2013 Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin series will go ahead as previously announced on Monday 1. Customers interested in these coins on launch day may wish to contact a Perth Mint authorised distributor.

For information about other public holidays in Western Australia, click here.

While we are unable to offer bullion sales via the web and phone on public holidays, our fixed-price numismatic website remains open at all times.

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How Tiny Particles Of Gold Get Transformed Into Solid Gold Bars

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Exactly how are microscopic particles of gold, invisible to the naked eye, extracted from huge quantities of ore and fashioned into solid gold bars? This video from The Gold Council tells the story of the amazing transformation, highlighting the massive scale of the mechanical and chemical challenges facing the modern gold mining industry.

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‘Golden Cross’ Great Omen For Gold, Experts Say

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A 'golden cross' has formed on spot gold's price chart. Experts say it signals an improving long-term outlook for the precious metal.

In technical analysis, a golden cross occurs when the shorter-term moving average rises above the longer term moving average.

The previous long-lasting golden cross on bullion charts was formed in February 2009; gold prices surged 11% in the following 11 sessions, and 103% over the next two years.

“These are important indicators of longer term technical strength and in conjunction with the recent positive technical picture are bullish,” GoldCore said, adding that silver is poised to complete its own golden cross in the coming days.

Full story: GoldCore, Reuters

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How Much Gold Does China Have?

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On the 24th of April 2009, China announced that it had increased its gold reserves 75% from 600 tonnes to 1,054 tonnes. What made the announcement unusual was the six year gap in reporting, given the previous two changes were in December 2002 (99.2 tonnes added) and December 2001 (105.7 tonnes added).

In addition, the World Gold Council’s (WGC) quarterly gold reserves reports notes that the purchase of the 454 tonnes took place over the January 2003 to April 2009 period, so it wasn’t a one-off purchase. It is clear China moved from a regular reporting schedule to a more strategic approach.

It has now been 3½ years without any indication from China as to the size of their gold reserves. With imports of gold into China, and gold production within China, having increased significantly over the past few years it raises the question of how much gold has China been accumulating since 2009?

To answer that question, in this Perth Mint Treasury paper we will look at China’s gold mining and importing activities and estimate how much of that is held by the government versus privately.

Download The Perth Mint Treasury paper How Much Gold Does China Have? (pdf 257kb)

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Silver Top Of Best Performing Commodities

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Here’s an interesting piece of research issued by Lloyds TSB Private Banking. The table shows the increase in price of 20 commodities between 2002 and 30 August 2012.

Silver prices rose in value by 572%, significantly greater than any of the other commodities tracked. Gold, at 428%, experienced the second highest increase.

At a sector level (Energy, Precious Metals, Base Metals and Agriculture), Precious Metals was the best performer, rising by 358% since 2002.

“Precious metals were the best performing commodity, with their perceived position as a safe haven investment reinforced over recent years amid the financial market turmoil,” Lloyds TSB said.

The data also shows the decline in commodity prices in the past year and its affect on gold and silver.

Looking forward, the bank concluded that commodity prices in general “are likely to be driven by the level of demand from emerging economies such as China and India."

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