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Snake Strikes Underway For Smooth Lunar Launch

Topics [ buy gold online buy silver online Australian Lunar Year of the Snake ]


Indicative interest is pointing to extremely high demand for 1oz releases from the 2013 Australian Lunar bullion coin program.

The next release, which will become available in early September, features designs celebrating the Year of the Snake - often referred to in China as the ‘Little Dragon’!

Our sales predictions are based on expressions of interest received from our international wholesale partners. They’re running at levels comparable to the record-breaking Dragon series this time last year.

As you know, the full Dragon mintages of 30,000 1oz gold and 300,000 1oz silver coins sold out at the Mint in record time, and these mintage restrictions remain unchanged for 2013.

So again we could see large numbers of investors hitting our bullion website on launch day in order to secure Snake coins direct from the Mint.

For this reason, I want to assure you that we’ve had a close look at the system’s capacity issues which resulted in inconvenience for some coin buyers last year.

We’ve done a lot of work to beef up the site with special focus on measures to avoid overloading the ‘checkout’ at extremely busy times. There will also be more feedback via screen alerts advising buyers how their orders are progressing prior to confirmation.

In parallel with this work, we have also taken important steps to solve frustrating temporary stock outs of other weights in the Lunar coin series. The new manufacturing schedule in the factory means we’ve already amassed considerable stocks of most other Lunar Snake coins – including popular 1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz silver issues.

In conclusion, I’m confident that The Perth Mint is in a much stronger position to satisfy website demand for new Lunar Snake coins and we’re looking forward to a smoother launch come September.

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Perth Mint Certificates Are Not Classed As 'Paper Gold' - GoldCore

Topics [ depository services store silver store bullion certificates store gold ]


Dublin-based GoldCore recently fielded questions from investors regarding the nature of "paper gold". Some readers sought clarification as to whether Perth Mint Certificates are paper gold.

The following explanation is reposted from GoldCore blog:

“By paper gold, we do not mean Perth Mint Certificates. Perth Mint Certificates are fully backed by physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

By paper gold we mean gold futures, gold futures options, some gold ETFs, certain forms of unallocated gold ownership, pool accounts, contracts for difference (CFDs), spread betting contracts, gold stocks and or gold options.

Perth Mint Certificates are unlike many ways of investing or speculating in gold which are not fully backed by physical metal.
Another distinction is that the gold and silver bullion backing Perth Mint Certificates is not held in the banking system. Rather the Perth Mint Certificate Programme is owned and operated by The Perth Mint of Western Australia which is a AAA rated government mint.
The Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia and is run within very strict and ethical guidelines. The Perth Mint does not and would not contravene the law and act in a manner which would embarrass its government owner. Indeed because it is government owned it has to be absolutely scrupulous in adhering to strict business procedures.
For every ounce of precious metal that is sold to a client, The Perth Mint must buy a corresponding ounce in the marketplace.
To ensure that this policy is maintained at all times, The Perth Mint is audited rigorously by the Auditor General of Western Australia as well as by external auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers.
The Perth Mint holds full inventory confirmations on a quarterly basis as well as the comprehensive audits. The Perth Mint Depository programs are not permitted to, and do not, run short positions under any circumstances The Perth Mint does not lease metal out to mining or exploration companies and does not undertake precious metal derivative transactions.
GoldCore shares concerns about pool and unallocated accounts where it cannot be established if the operator is backing its liabilities to investors. GoldCore would advise investors to research and question any program or facility they are investing in.
Via Mat and the Perth Mint Certificate Programme remain two of the world's safest and securest ways of owning gold and silver offshore.

Some bullion buyers prefer private storage, others public.
Some bullion buyers prefer storing bullion in Via Mat London or Zurich, others Perth in Australia.
Due to the significant geopolitical, macroeconomic, monetary and systemic risks of today, GoldCore also strongly advise that it should not be a question of either safe third party ownership or personal possession. Both are important and complementary and both should be considered by all prudent investors and savers.

If you are not fully confident and satisfied with any of your current forms of gold ownership, the ultimate holding is outright ownership.”

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The Land Down Under Could Be A Safe Place To Keep Your Gold - FSN

Topics [ unallocated depository services store silver allocated store bullion store gold ]


Precious metal storage at The Perth Mint is designed for investors who want to buy our bullion coins and bars but don’t want the hassle of taking delivery and storing it themselves.

In this interview with the Financial Survival Network in the US, Manager Analysis and Strategy Bron Suchecki explains how the storage program developed in the 1980s and 1990s and clearly defines key concepts such as ‘allocated’, ‘pool allocated’ and ‘unallocated’.

Bron is upfront in answering one of the most common questions we hear from prospective unallocated storage clients: “What happens if everyone turns up to the Mint and wants to take their gold?”

Listen to his candid conversation with Kerry Lutz now.

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Silver Seasonality

Topics [ sell silver silver investing silver market buy silver ]


Is there a good month of the year to sell silver and an equally favourable month in which to buyback? In this paper I investigate the seasonality of silver and deliver a warning to those tempted to rely on the next seasonal chart they come across.

Download The Perth Mint Treasury paper Silver Seasonality (pdf 348kb)

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The Role Of Arbitrage In Precious Metals Markets

Topics [ gold market ]


Arbitrage is a concept understood by professional investors and advanced private investors which The Perth Mint's Bron Suchecki states simply as "taking advantage of a difference in price in the same asset in different markets."

In precious metals, for instance, arbitrage comes into play when the price of gold in say London is higher than the price of gold in Perth. A profit opportunity arises so long as the price difference between the two markets is large enough to make it economic to ship the metal.

Arbitrage influences precious metals markets to an extent that few investors are fully aware. In this Eric Townsend interview for the Financial Sense News Hour, Bron Suchecki provides listeners with expert analysis on how price is transmitted through arbitrage between both physical locations and various investment instruments.

Listen now:

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Monthly Sales - May 2012

Topics [ gold minted bars silver bullion coins gold bullion coins ]


Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint* in May 2012 as coins and minted bars:

Gold (Au):     30,387.88oz      

Silver (Ag):   437,759.34oz

Compare with last month.

*excludes Depository and Perth Mint Shop.

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