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Outlook For Gold In 2013

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Despite declining in recent weeks, gold is on course for its 12th consecutive annual gain, the longest run in at least nine decades, experts say.

After this year’s expected advance of about 6 percent, many analysts see gold prices continuing to rise next year as central banks from Europe to China pledge more ‘easy-money’ to spur economic growth.

Here’s how several banks are expecting gold to shape up in 2013 (US$):

Barclays Capital – looking for gold to average $1,815 an ounce in 2013 and says it retains a “positive view”, although in mid-December it lowered its prior forecast of $1,860.

BNP Paribas – forecasting an average of $1,865 in 2013 and suggests gold could hit a record high in 2013 due to soft monetary policy, less tail risk related to a breakup of the Eurozone and ongoing support from physical demand.

Commerzbank – looking for gold to at least temporarily exceed $2,000 an ounce in 2013, with a full-year forecast of $1,950.

Goldman Sachs – expects gold to average $1,810 in 2013, stating that near term, the combination of more easing and weaker US growth should prove supportive to gold prices.

Morgan Stanley forecasts an average price of $1,853 and suggests a raft of additional supporting features including low nominal and negative real interest rates, ongoing geopolitical risk in the Middle East and continued mine supply issues.

Societe Generale looking for quarterly averages of $1,802, $1,800 and $1,850 respectively in the first three quarters of 2013, before slipping towards an average of $1,750 in the final quarter with a full-year forecast of $1,800.

UBS – forecasts an average price of $1,900 for 2013 saying it remains a gold bull with official sector buying to compensate for possible sluggish physical demand.

Full story - Kitco

Gold is on course to record a gain of around 6% in 2012, its 12th consecutive year of growth.

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Bron and Al Korelin discuss China, ETFs and Institutional interest in gold

Bron appeared on the The Korelin Economics Report over the weekend to discuss demand out of China; the challenge gold ETFs present to gold mining shares; the World Gold Council's reason for creating its gold ETFs; institutional interest in the Perth Mint’s Depository facility; and how we are only in phase two of the gold bull market.

Click here to listen to Bron’s talk with Al Korelin.

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World’s Largest Silver Lunar Coin Marks 2013 Year Of The Snake


A giant way to celebrate the forthcoming Year of the Snake, here’s the first peek at the 10 kilo coin from our 2013 Australian Lunar silver bullion coin series.  An extremely limited number of these coins are available on the bullion website from today.

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Response To Dave In Denver

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TF Metals Report has posted some comments from blogger Dave in Denver responding to my ETF Price Suppression Mechanics post last week. Attached is my response.

Download: Response to Dave In Denver (pdf 232 kb)

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Monthly Sales - November 2012

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint* in November 2012 as coins and minted bars

Gold (Au): 47,850.77

Silver (Ag): 620,238.26

Compare with last month.

(*excludes Depository and Perth Mint Shop.)

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