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Evolution Of The Koala

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Koala ]


Like kangaroos and kookaburras, koalas are a favourite animal symbol of Australia for millions of people around the world.

In 2007, when preparing a new Australian entrant to the international silver bullion coin market, the koala was the obvious design theme for The Perth Mint to choose.

The Australia Koala is now a well-established and sought-after option for silver investors. Offered in 1 kilo, 10oz, 1oz and 1/2oz sizes each year, it has attracted considerable interest as recent sales and mintage figures confirm.

The 2012 Australian Koala is scheduled to become available for purchase on our bullion website and through our worldwide dealer network on 3 January.

The annual silver Koala is also a pleasing collectable. For this reason, 1oz releases can be acquired in illustrated packaging.  The 2012 1oz Australian Koala collectable version will be available through our numismatic website and dealer network on the same date.

Australian Koala silver coins have evolved to the present stylish incarnation as the following table portrays.

2007 Australian Koala 
2007. Reverse design by
Shevaun Buschenhofen
2008 Australian Koala
2008. Reverse design by
Shevaun Buschenhofen 

2009. Reverse design by
Shevaun Buschenhofen

2010. Reverse design by
Wade Robinson

2011. Reverse design by
Elise Martinson

2012. Reverse design by
Aleysha Howarth (forthcoming release)

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Koala Now Set For January Launch

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Koala ]


As you are aware, we have experienced huge demand for the 2012 Australian Lunar Dragon and Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coins, which are now sold out.

Due to the time devoted to manufacturing these items we have not been able to prepare a sufficient number of 2012 Koala silver bullion coins prior to their scheduled release on 1 December 2011.

Regrettably, therefore, we have been forced to delay the launch of the 2012 Koalas. As a result, the 1 kilo, 10oz and 1oz and 1/2oz releases will now be available on the Mint's bullion website from 3 January 2012.

This year’s iconic design portrays a koala asleep on a tree branch. No mintage limits applies to these coins although production will end once the 2013 releases become available.

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Global Gold Demand Up 6% In Third Quarter 2011 – World Gold Council


Gold demand in the third quarter of 2011 reached 1,053.9 tonnes, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year. This equates to US$57.7bn, an all-time high in value terms.

According to the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends report for Q3 2011, this increase was driven by investment demand which rose by 33% year-on-year to 468.1 tonnes, generating record quarterly demand of US$25.6bn.

The report also revealed investment demand in Europe reached a record quarterly value of €4.6bn, equating to 118.1 tonnes - a year-on-year increase of 135%.

The increase in overall investment demand was all the more impressive given the sharp gold price correction in September, which encouraged a wave of profit taking among bar and coin investors.

Virtually all markets saw strong double-digit growth in demand for gold bars and coins, the World Gold Council said.

Download Gold Demand Trends Second Quarter 2011.

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Sydney Gold Symposium Roundup

Topics [ gold investing silver investing gold market gold prices silver prices silver market ]


Kris Sayce from Money Morning Australia was at this week’s Sydney Gold Symposium. No prizes, he says, for guessing the views on gold and silver. “The message was buy both. And buy them now.” And that, he admits, made him a little uneasy.

Here are Kris' highlights from the conference - and a word of warning:-

Monday’s keynote speaker was Egon von Greyerz. Here are a few choice quotes:

“There are three types of money. There is money which is worthless (Zimbabwe), there is money that will become worthless (US dollar), and there is real money (gold).”

“100,000 people earning average $40,000 have to work for 350 years to produce as much income as Ben Bernanke can print $1.4 trillion in a fraction of a second.”

What’s the difference? The first is mostly productive work… The latter is a man pressing a button!

“Nixon should have been impeached for going off the gold standard, not Watergate… or shot even! It was the worst criminal act I’ve ever seen.”

The afternoon session saw our old pal, Dan Denning take the stage:

“The gold standard should be the friend of the working man…

“You cannot have true liberty without gold as real money.”

And on the sham of central banks having an inflation target, Dan pointed out an inflation target of 3% means the central bank is authorising the steady erosion of personal wealth… by 3% each year.

But “under a gold standard [the people] cannot be robbed by the central bank in that way.”

The second day was a ripper too. But as we were chairing, we did not have the chance to take as many notes as we would have liked. Richard Karn’s talk on specialty metals was the best of the crop.

His best slide compared nations’ money supply growth and reported inflation rates. Turns out Australia’s money supply is growing faster than the U.S. Yet officially our inflation is under control!

But getting back to our point from the start of this letter, some parts of the Gold Symposium made us feel a bit uneasy.

We know it was a gold conference. And we knew everyone would be bullish on the yellow metal. But still, we had hoped for some counter arguments. Or at the very least for one of the speakers to say, “Of course, if I’m wrong, this will happen…”

The closest any of the speakers came to this was (we think) John Embry of Sprott Asset Management. To paraphrase, he said: “Be careful what you wish for. If there is hyperinflation it will be terrible for everyone.”

It’s an argument we’ve made here many times. We know the gold bugs won’t like us saying it. But the best outcome for gold investors is probably for the world’s economies to experience more of the same… bailouts and central bank money printing.

That will be bad news for those who don’t own gold as they’ll remain unaware of the silent destruction of their wealth. But for gold and silver investors it could (or should) see precious metals crank higher over time.”

Originally entitled ‘The Working Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend’, this article can be read in full at Money Morning Australia.

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Silver And Platinum Bullion Coin Sell Outs

Topics [ Australian Platypus platinum bullion coin silver bullion coins Australian Kookaburra ]


No more orders for the 2012 Australian Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coin will be taken by The Perth Mint.

We have received orders for the full mintage of 500,000 coins and once they are shipped we will be in a position to declare it a sell out.

Meanwhile, the full mintage of our 2011 Australian Platypus 1oz platinum bullion release has been purchased. All 30,000 have been shipped and the coin is officially sold out at the Mint.

The availability date of the 2012 Australian Platypus will be announced shortly.

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Gold Bars Back In Stock

Topics [ buy gold online gold bars buy gold bullion online ]


Popular 1oz gold bars are available for purchase online.Perth Mint 1oz cast gold bar

We’re currently offering the entire range of cast gold bars – seven products ranging from 1oz to 50oz.

Demand remains strong and stocks are limited.

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