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If you’re a Twitter user now is a good time to start following @perthmint.

We’re giving away five miniature Kangaroo gold coins every day until 15 November 2011 in celebration of the launch of our amazing new one tonne gold coin.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow @perthmint and Re-tweet (RT) messages containing #1TonneGoldCoin to gain entry into the daily draw.

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With 100 miniature gold coins up for grabs, this is a golden opportunity to start following the Mint on Twitter. Our service will soon be expanding to cover all our latest news, videos and regular coin releases.

If you don’t yet have a Twitter account, it’s quick and simple to join here.

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Perth Mint Makes World's Largest Gold Coin

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After many months in the making, our one tonne Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin has been unveiled in spectacular fashion.

Made from 99.99% pure gold and issued as Australian legal tender, it’s a stunning achievement by the Mint.

Perth Mint CEO Ed Harbuz with our spectacular Australian Kangaroo one tonne gold coin - the largest coin in the world.

We tracked the manufacturing process with our handy-cam to be able to compile these clips from behind the scenes at The Perth Mint. Check out the mammoth gold pour and the intricacies of the hand-finishing involved!

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Silver Bars Back In Stock

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The arrival of new supplies from our refinery means that registered bullion customers are able to order 1 kilo silver bars from our bullion website.

Click here to order.

Later this week, we will also have re-stocked with 10oz silver bars. Watch the site for availability.

We are working flat out to bring these products to you in the face of extremely strong demand across the board for all our gold and silver bullion coins and bars.

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Neighbourhood Cat Reveals “What’s Next” for Silver


By Alex Cowie, Editor, Diggers & Drillers

The silver price has always been volatile.

It hit an end-of-trade high in Aussie dollars of $44.31 in April. Today it’s trading around 30% below that level.

But it was never the price that drew me to silver…

By Sprott Asset Management’s calculations, there are just over one billion ounces of silver above ground. And just over two billion ounces of gold.

We used to have far more silver in storage. But while it was cheap, we discovered hundreds of industrial uses for it in: electronics; solar panels; ID tags; medical uses; wood preservatives.

Today, the world’s whole silver stash is worth just $47 billion. That’s a lot less than the $3,400 billion worth of the gold bullion in the world.

After industry takes its share, investors get just 340 million new ounces of silver each year. Compare that to 125 million new ounces of gold. Until production levels change, newly supplied gold will be 2.7 times rarer than silver. In other words, the gold-to-silver ratio in the medium term should trend towards 2.7:1. So at a gold price of $1350, for example, silver should trend towards $500.

But is that possible?

Well, you have to remember why investors were piling into silver in April – and will continue to. Silver is HARD MONEY. It protects your wealth from inflation and currency devaluation.

The common man in China is getting nervous about the steady rise in inflation. China recently swung from supplying 10% of the silver market to importing 10% of the world’s silver.

Inflation is also up in India. And silver imports to India DOUBLED in 2010 to 97 million ounces, taking another 10% of annual production. The Bombay Bullion Association expects demand to rise.

The US Mint, Royal Mint and Perth Mint have set record sales in 2011. The US Mint even suspended sales of some of its lines. In my own experience, I’ve found that Australian bullion dealers are rationing sales.

Everything is pointing very clearly in one direction.


Just don’t expect it to follow a straight line!

Commentators in the media will keep saying that each pullback on silver’s way up is the end – we’re hearing it right now.

Don’t forget that most of them know less about silver than your neighbour’s cat. And ask yourself how many of them were calling silver to go up before the rally?

Link to Neighbourhood Cat Reveals “What’s Next” for Silver - Money Morning Australia

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Updated Sales And Mintage Figures Available


The latest update to our sales and mintage figures are available for download from The Perth Mint corporate website.

This update includes figures for our 2010 bullion releases – including the Australian Lunar Year of the Tiger gold and silver series.

Sales and mintage figures are updated as regularly as possible.  Staff resources need to be specifically allocated to the time-consuming task of gathering, collating and checking figures from our retail and wholesale distribution networks.

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Koala Delayed By All Out Kookaburra Production


We are currently experiencing huge demand for the 2012 Australian Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coin.

In response to this situation, we have decided to manufacture the remainder of the coin’s 500,000 mintage in one run. This will enable us to dispatch customers’ orders with minimum delay.

Unfortunately, the press time required to complete the Kookaburra production means that we will not be able to prepare a sufficient number of 2012 Koala silver bullion coins prior to their scheduled release on 1 November 2011.

Regrettably, therefore, we have been forced to delay the launch of the 2012 Koalas for a short time. As a result, the 1 kilo, 10oz and 1oz and 1/2oz releases will now be available on the bullion website from 1 December 2011.

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