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WA gold resurgence ‘on radar’ of North American and British investment funds

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The Western Australian Goldfields region is attracting the attention of overseas investment funds as Australia’s mid-tier gold miners start to outperform their North American counterparts, The Kalgoorlie Miner reported last week.

One of the miners to benefit from US and UK investment funds has been Saracen Mineral Holdings.

Managing director Raleigh Finlayson told The Kalgoorlie Miner it had captured the interest of North American and British funds after this month announcing a seven-year mine life across its Carosue Dam and Thunderbox operations.


As the Diggers and Dealers mining forum wrapped up last week Mr Finlayson said companies able to forecast gold mine life of about seven to 10 years had the potential to ‘get on the radar’ of big overseas funds.

Another Western Australian miner, Gold Road Resources, now has 37% of its register held with North American institutions, as well as some UK and European shareholders.

Precious metals have for centuries helped institutional and private investors protect their wealth against fluctuations in the value of other asset classes. Recognised as a ‘safe haven’ and an essential element within a diversified investment portfolio, gold has historically proven to increase in value as alternative assets falter amid market turbulence.

But you don’t need to be a fund manager or even an active private investor to own a stake in Western Australian precious metals.

The Perth Mint, which refines more than 90% of Australia’s newly mined gold, allows investors to start building a precious metals portfolio from as little as AUD 500 plus a standard brokerage charge through Perth Mint Gold (PMG), or AUD 50 a month for bullion.

PMG is structured as a fully paid call option to one hundredth of a troy ounce of physical gold which may be exercised by you at any time.

It trades on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code PMGOLD and suits investors who prefer to manage their gold investment within their stockbroking account along with ASX-listed equities and other investments.

PMG has other key benefits:

 • Physically Redeemable. Unlike many gold exchange traded products, PMG can be physically redeemed for any of The Perth Mint’s bullion coins and bars.

 • Government Guaranteed. PMGs are issued by Gold Corporation (trading as The Perth Mint), a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia. The liabilities of Gold Corporation are guaranteed under the Gold Corporation Act 1987, an Act of the Western Australian Parliament.

 • Fully Backed. PMGs are 100% covered by gold owned by The Perth Mint.

 • Low Management Fee. PMG’s management fee has been held at 0.15% pa since 2004, one of the lowest fees worldwide for a gold exchange traded product.

 • Guaranteed Market. The Perth Mint, via its Market Maker, will ensure PMG tracks the price of gold by maintaining reasonable bid and offer prices and volume on the ASX at all times, in accordance with ASX rules.

 • Convenient. Trade PMGs through your stockbroker with the same ease and convenience as investing in shares. PMG trades on the ASX under the code PMGOLD and can be purchased by investors on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Perth Mint also offers three investment and storage solutions for the many investors who prefer to buy physical gold, silver and platinum.

One of these is Perth Mint Depository Online. PMDO accounts are free to set up and keep open until you are ready to buy some bullion. You can then start your precious metals investment with a minimum transaction of just AUD 50. With a PMDO savings plan you can build your wealth with automatic deductions each month.

For information more information about our choice of investment options, visit The Perth Mint website.

Read the PMGOLD product disclosure statement here.


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Thinking About Buying Precious Metal For Your SMSF?

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The Perth Mint has a large and growing number of clients who purchase precious metals for their Self-Managed Super Fund. If you’ve been wondering whether it is possible to diversify your super investments through the addition of bullion, The Perth Mint is a trusted source of investment-grade gold and silver with plenty of experience in helping SMSF trustees.

Buy and Store Yourself

You can purchase a full range of official Australian bullion coins and an extensive choice of small investor bars via www.perthmintbullion.com, the Mint’s specialist bullion sales site featuring ‘live’ pricing.

Made from 99.99% pure gold and 99.9% pure silver, Australia’s bullion coin line-up includes the world-renowned Australian Kangaroo gold coin series, the Australian Kookaburra silver coin series, and Australian Koala silver coin series. An extremely popular alternative, the Australian Lunar coin series is offered in both pure gold and silver.

All web clients buying physical bullion are required to register before buying, so when signing up on behalf of your SMSF, make sure you choose the ‘Trust/Super Fund’ option in the simple registration process.

Gold and silver purchased via the website (or the Mint’s Bullion Telephone Desk - 1300 201 112) will be securely delivered to a customer’s nominated address. If the precious metals are to be stored at home, trustees should ensure that they will not fall foul of the rule against use of art/collectables/personal assets.

Store at The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint Depository, which holds metal worth A$3.5 billion on behalf of clients worldwide, is a convenient alternative for SMSF investors who do not want the inconvenience and risk of storing their precious metals themselves.

The Depository offers bank account-style facilities for which each client’s balance is measured in Troy ounces of gold and/or silver bullion.

Client metal is stored in high security premises on an ‘allocated’ or ‘pool allocated’ basis, which attract ongoing storage fees, or an ‘unallocated’ basis, on which no storage fees apply.

Allocated means your bars and coins are fully segregated for other investors’ metal in the vault. Clients may sell or take delivery of their metal at any time. Unallocated means your bullion is held in the Mint’s pool of precious metal, which is maintained in unsegregated storage on a fungible basis. You may sell your metal at any time, or request physical delivery as allocated coins or bars (fabrication fees apply).

Perth Mint Gold, which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (code: PMGOLD), presents a different method for SMSF trustees to invest in bullion. Traded through a stockbroker with the same ease and convenience as investing in shares, Perth Mint Gold tracks the underlying price of gold and attracts an annual management fee of just 0.15%.

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Vote On Proposed Changes To PMG

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The Perth Mint has just mailed holders of its Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed gold product, Perth Mint Gold (PMG) about proposed changes to the terms of PMG. The primary purpose of the change is to list them under the ASX’s AQUA Rules rather than the Warrant Rules. The ASX AQUA Rules are designed for ETF-style index products and will make it easier for investors to purchase PMG.

I was heavily involved in the creation and launch of PMG in 2003, which was the second stock exchange traded gold index type product to be listed in the world. As the AQUA change has to be voted on by holders, we thought it would also be a good time to make some small changes to improve PMG, the key ones being:

·   removal of the 31 December 2013 expiry date
·   removal of the exercise price ($0.50 per ounce)
·   removal of the need to expire PMGs in the case of a Force Majeure event

The change will also result in the ASX code changing from ZAUWBA to PMGOLD, which is far more marketable. PMG’s management fee of 0.15% pa is the lowest in the gold ETF market worldwide and we will be looking to promote this and its other features if the changes are approved.

If you are a holder of PMGs, please send your vote in. To get the change approved we need 75% or more of votes cast, which is a large hurdle.

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