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How to buy gold: simple, safe and secure options available at The Perth Mint

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Interest in precious metals investing is growing once again.

A decade ago, the global financial crisis helped popularise gold as a go-to asset in times of economic crisis. Now, with serious talk about the possibility of a potential downturn in international economic growth, many people are again considering gold as a ‘safe haven’ investment with the power to preserve wealth.

Reflecting the way in which gold is becoming more mainstream, small investors account for a large percentage of the mounting inquiries we’re receiving at The Perth Mint.

To cater for our diverse clients, we offer an extensive range of traditional and contemporary products and services suitable for private investors through to sovereign wealth funds. As a result, we not only offer world renowned coins and bars for delivery, but also depository services via our online portal, exchange traded products and even a handy smartphone trading app.

Below is a more detailed look at our solutions:

Online Trading Portal

Perth Mint Depository provides a 24/7 online trading portal with live pricing for investors to buy, store and sell gold, silver and platinum.

Online Depository Account holders have the choice of a range of storage solutions offering different pricing structures.

Additionally, Depository Online includes a monthly savings plan for accumulating precious metals over time with a minimum contribution of only AUD 50 per month.


Modelled on a traditional service with personalised contact, the Depository Program is tailored to investors who wish to operate their account by telephone or email.

As a Depository Program Account holder, you communicate directly with our in-house traders who provide live pricing and instant confirmation of trades.

This account also offers several storage solutions in gold, silver and platinum.

Share Trading Accounts

Trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code PMGOLD, Perth Mint Gold is a fully paid warrant on 1/100th of a troy ounce of physical gold.

Able to be accessed through a standard Australian share trading account, PMGOLD is structured to track the international spot price of gold in Australian dollars.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), AAAU is unique in the marketplace as it is the first gold ETF to have the precious metal held on behalf of investors guaranteed by a sovereign entity.

Designed to track the international price of gold in US dollars, it is available to Australian investors through an international share trading account.

Mobile App

GoldPass® is a full-service investment app that allows users to buy, store, sell and transfer physical gold via a 24/7 trading platform on their smartphone.

The physical gold backing each investor’s GoldPass® holdings is represented in the form of digital certificates within the app.

Buy and Store Independently

For investors who wish to store physical precious metals themselves, our bullion range comprises:

 •  Gold and silver minted bars
 •  Gold and silver cast bars
 •  Gold, silver and platinum bullion coins

Bullion products can be ordered online or by phone for secure delivery to an approved location of the investor’s choice. Alternatively they can be purchased over the counter in our Bullion Trading Room.

Why The Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint is a global leader in precious metals. We process more than 90% of Australia’s and approximately 10% of the world’s newly mined gold, distributing precious metals worth more than AUD 18 billion annually throughout 130 countries.

We are the sole manufacturer of the official Australian Bullion Coin Program and make bullion bars at our refinery, one of only a few global precious metal facilities accredited by all five of the world’s major gold exchanges: London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX), Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM), and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Importantly, investors who choose any of our products do so with the knowledge that their underlying physical holding is guaranteed by our sole owner, the Government of Western Australia, under the Gold Corporation Act 1987.

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How much do you know about gold investing?

Topics [ invest in bullion invest in gold invest in silver ]

It’s easy to fall in love with gold. After all, the rich and famous have obsessed over it for millennia.

During the past two decades, gold ownership has become much more widespread. No longer a sole preserve of the elite, every day and mum and dad investors have also taken a shine to the glittering yellow metal.

Accessibility to gold through bullion bars and legal tender coins, certificates and exchange traded products makes buying and storing gold simple. Driving folk to take advantage is this new found convenience is the growing appreciation of gold’s beneficial role within a diversified investment portfolio.

Before jumping in, it’s definitely a good idea to acquire a firm understanding of the case for gold. Here’s a short quiz designed to test your existing knowledge - answer these questions correctly and you’re well on the way to being an ace gold investor!

1. How many Jumbo jets would all the gold mined throughout history fit into?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30

2. Gold and other precious metals are traditionally weighed in ounces known as:
a) Avoirdupois
b) Tower 
c) Troy

3. Between 2000 and 2012, the price of gold went up 800 per cent. What was the approximate price of an ounce of gold at the start of the millennium?
a) USD 440
b) USD 550
c) USD 660

4. When the exchange rate between the United States and Australian dollars goes up, Australian investors are likely to:
a) Pay more for gold
b) Pay less for gold 
c) Pay the same for gold

5. What purity constitutes investment grade gold for coins and bars, making them exempt from Australian GST? 
a) 92.5%
b) 99.5%
c) 99.99%

6. The gold to silver ratio (ounces of silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold) averaged 47 throughout the 20th century. What is its current level?
a) 55
b) 65
c) 75

7. When the gold to silver ratio drops below 50, practised investors are more likely to:
a) Buy gold and sell silver 
b) Sell gold and buy silver
c) Divest their gold and silver holding

8. Professor Roy Jastram’s landmark statistical examination of how gold’s purchasing power has remained consistent over the centuries is entitled:
a) A Pot of Gold
b) The Golden Constant
c) The Gold Standard

9. According to various portfolio theories, investors could benefit from holding anything between 1% and 15% of their assets in gold bullion. However, as part of his famed Permanent Portfolio strategy, investment analyst Harry Browne suggested the allocation to gold should be high as:
a) 20%
b) 25%
c) 30%

10. Which of these statements is false?
a) There is no counterparty risk associated with owning physical gold.
b) The market for gold bullion is highly liquid, making it easy to sell.
c) Central Banks around the world hold less and less gold.

1. a) 187,200 tonnes, the latest estimate of gold ever mined by mankind, has a cubic capacity of approx. 9,700m3. According to this source, a 747 -400 Jumbo jet has a combined passenger and cargo volume of 1,035m3. The gold would therefore fit comfortably within 10 of  these aeroplanes.
2. c) One troy ounce equals 31.1034768 grams or about 1.0971 avoirdupois ounces.
3. a)  USD 440.
4. b) If the exchange rate goes up, the AUD price of gold goes down.
5. b) 99.5% pure gold in an investment form is GST-free in Australia.
6. c) 75.
7. a) The gold:silver trading strategy suggests it’s time to buy gold and sell silver.
8. b) The Golden Constant 
9. b) 25%
10. c)  Central Bank’s around the world hold less and less gold.

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How Much Gold Is Enough?

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If you’re persuaded by the argument that it’s important to diversify your investment portfolio with gold as an insurance against global gloom-and-doom scenarios, you need to consider how much gold is enough.

Roughly two years after the price of gold had declined from its all-time high in 2011, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Greg Mankiw, concluded that it still made sense to hold a “small sliver” of gold in his portfolio. About 2 percent, he said.

In response, financial advisor, author and advisory board member Joshua M Brown argued that amount was nowhere near enough.  “It’s not ever going to have a large enough impact on a portfolio to matter,” he stated. But in advocating 25 – 50 percent of total assets, was he going over-the-top?

How Much Gold Is Enough?

The World Gold Council (albeit an industry body) is well respected for its research and analysis. Its suggestion falls into line with the many more moderate recommendations we’ve seen. Having crunched some relevant numbers, it states that “modest allocations to gold of 2 – 10 percent can protect and enhance the performance of an investment portfolio. A 5 – 6 percent allocation is optimal for investors with a well-balanced 60/40 portfolio.”

While warning that 20 percent is way too much, former hedge fund manager and now popular US financial commentator Jim Cramer also favours 10 percent as an upper limit. “I consider gold as an insurance policy and no worthwhile insurance policy should be 20 percent of the money you have invested," he said recently.

Ultimately, of course, it’s down to you, but take time to research the topic before deciding your personal ‘allocation to gold’.

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Rogers Sees Gold Going To US$2,000

Topics [ investment invest in bullion invest in gold ]


Jim Rogers is a legendary investor who co-founded the spectacularly successful Quantum Fund in 1973 with George Soros. Rogers was in Australia recently and explained to ABC Lateline Business why he is so convinced about the future of farming, commodities and gold.

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Understanding What's Happening In The Gold Market

Topics [ Silver Price gold prices invest in bullion ]



Don't miss this discussion about price action in precious metals since April and what the future might hold for the price of gold and silver. Ben Giddins from Gold Stackers Australia sets the scene for insightful comment from Bron Suchecki, Manager, Analysis & Strategy at The Perth Mint, and Greg Canavan, Editor of The Daily Reckoning and Sound Money, Sound Investments.

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US Survey Backs Perth Mint Findings On Customer Attitudes To Gold

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Even though world stock markets are surging, a survey in the United States suggests many retail investors will continue to invest in gold.

The CNBC All American Economic Survey, which last month questioned 800 people, found 35% favoured gold as their best investment choice, down just two points on last year.

Beating real estate, stocks, savings accounts and bonds, gold continues to “bedazzled” Americans, CNBC said.

Perth Mint Survey Results

The findings reflect the feelings of Perth Mint bullion buyers, as our own Website Customer Survey recently revealed.

More than 850 clients responded to the online questionnaire, issued in February.

Over 53% answered ‘very good’ while 36% answered ‘good’ when asked about their outlook for the future of precious metals as an investment.

In another indication that many buyers continue to see bullion as an important investment, 60.9% said they were ‘very likely’ and 25.3% said they were ‘somewhat likely’ to continue doing business with us via www.perthmintbullion.com.

Traditionally seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty, gold is often quoted as an ideal foundation asset accounting for 5 to15% of a healthy investment portfolio.

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