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Just Hours Remaining To Secure 2014 Lunar & Kookaburra Bullion Coins

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Your final chance to purchase Australian Lunar – 2014 Year of the Horse gold and silver bullion coins and 2014 Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coins is Friday 29 August.

Australian Kookaburra and Year of the Horse coins

At the end of trading tomorrow, we are withdrawing both series in preparation for the launch of our 2015 releases.

Please take action before this final availability date should you wish to purchase any of the following releases from the Mint:

- Year of the Horse 2014 Gold Bullion Coins  – 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 2oz, 10oz & 1kilo

- Year of the Horse 2014 Silver Bullion Coins – 1/2oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, & 1kilo

- 2014 Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coins – 10oz & 1 kilo

Registered customers click here to buy online.

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Year Of The Horse 5oz Silver Bullion Coin Available Now

Topics [ buy silver online 2014 Year of the Horse silver bullion coins Australian Lunar ]


We’re pleased to announce that the 2014 Australian Lunar 5oz Silver Bullion Coin is available now.

The scheduled release was delayed due to a surge in demand for our large bullion coins.

We’d like to thank all those who have enquired about the availability of the 5oz silver bullion Horse in recent weeks for their patience.

Click here to buy now.

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Large Horse Coins On Sale For Cup Day!

Topics [ 2014 Year of the Horse silver bullion coins Australian Lunar ]


Just in time for Melbourne Cup day, this magnificent 10oz Year of the Horse silver bullion coin and its even bigger 1 kilo brother are now on sale at www.perthmintbullion.com.

With 1oz releases sold out, buyers seeking a smaller denomination from the Lunar Horse series could consider investing their Cup winnings on 1/2oz releases, also currently in stock.

Please continue to watch the blog for announcements about the addition of 5oz and 2oz coins to our stable of silver Lunar Horses – sure to be future favourites!

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Order Limits Removed

Topics [ 2014 Year of the Horse buy gold online where to buy silver bullion silver bullion coins gold bullion coins ]


The previous order limits of 20 Lunar Horse 1oz silver bullion coins and 5 Lunar Horse 1oz gold bullion coins no longer apply.

The policy was designed to give as many customers as possible the chance to purchase these limited releases from The Perth Mint.

With immediate effect, web and telephone customers as well as buyers visiting The Perth Mint Bullion Desk may now order these coins without restriction.

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Hold Those Horses!

Topics [ 2014 Year of the Horse Australian Lunar bullion coins buy gold bullion online ]


Followers of The Perth Mint on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook may already be familiar with this image. It’s such a great picture that we’re also sharing it with bullion blog readers to mark the successful launch of the 2014 Year of the Horse bullion coin program.

View larger format.

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VIDEO 2014 Australian Kookaburra And Lunar Horse Bullion Coins On Sale From Today

Topics [ buy gold online buy silver online 2014 Year of the Horse gold coins Australian Lunar silver coins Australian Kookaburra ]


Silver bullion coins from the 2014 Australian Kookaburra and Australian Lunar series are on sale from today.

Take a more in-depth look at the gold and silver coins in these two new videos:

2014 Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series

Made from 99.99% pure gold in eight regular sizes, these exquisite gold coins depict a galloping horse in a stylised mountain scene. The highly sought-after 1oz release has a limited mintage of just 30,000 coins, creating clear potential for numismatic appreciation.

2014 Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series

Crafted from 99.9% pure silver, these stunning Lunar coins make affordable alternatives for many precious metal investors. Portraying two horses by a river in a stylised rural scene, the coins are offered in six standard sizes, including a maximum of only 300,000 1oz releases.

2014 Australian Kookaburra

Australia's longest running 99.9% pure silver coin series is renowned worldwide for its representations of an Australian wildlife icon. A kookaburra sitting on a tree branch shaded by gum leaves is depicted on the 2014 coins, which come in three sizes, including the popular 1oz version.

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