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How much gold is in the London vaults?

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Buyers and sellers of precious metals welcome greater transparency. 

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Precious Metals Clearing Limited (LPMCL) have just begun releasing data on gold and silver inventories in London vaults.

Until last week no one knew exactly how much precious metal was stored in the British capital’s vaults. 

The vaulting statistics, which are released on a three month lagged basis, will be enhanced by more detailed trade reporting at an as yet unspecified date.

What we know now is that at the end of March about 7,449 tonnes or 239.49 moz of gold, and about 32,078 tonnes or 1,031.32 moz of silver, were sitting in London vaults. 

That is the equivalent of almost 600,000 gold bars and 1.03 million bars of silver worth more than USD 300 billion and USD 17 billion, respectively, according to UBS Global Research.

The data has been widely welcomed by investors who want more knowledge about tangible gold and silver stocks compared with investor positioning and the enormous ‘paper trade’ volumes generated each day in the London precious metals markets. 

Precious metals are recognised as an essential element of a diversified investment portfolio, helping investors protect their wealth against fluctuations in the value of other asset classes.

Many investors across the globe also like the additional surety of knowing every ounce of precious metal they buy is backed by physical product.

For these investors, The Perth Mint has been offering the security of the world’s only government guaranteed precious metals storage program since 1994.

Our program comes with the ability to take physical delivery of your precious metals upon request.

Meanwhile your assets are secured in the most extensive network of central bank grade vaults in the southern hemisphere.

We now offer four investment solutions to more than 30,000 investors in over 130 countries:

1. Perth Mint Depository Online (PMDO)

With a minimum transaction amount of AUD 50 and 24/7 access to our secure, mobile friendly trading portal, the PMDO makes investing in precious metals easy and accessible.  

There is an easy three step process to open your account and the platform is underpinned by the highest levels of security.

As a PMDO customer you also have the option to set up an automatic savings plan and build your precious metal wealth from just AUD 50 per month. 

If you have been thinking about buying bullion but are not quite yet ready, you can activate an account and keep it open free of charge. It’s then ready to use as soon as you want to start your precious metals investment. 

2. Perth Mint Depository Program (PMDP)

Modelled on a traditional brokerage style service, PMDP offers direct access to our experienced bullion dealers who can provide a competitive live spot price to buy or sell precious metals. You will receive a trade confirmation immediately upon execution by email or mail.

3. Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP)

PMCP is available through our global network of authorised distributors and offers precious metals stored within our secure vaults. You will be issued with a uniquely numbered Precious Metal Certificate in your name confirming your legal title to a specific amount of precious metal. 

4. Perth Mint Gold ASX Warrant (PMG) 

PMG is a right to gold created by The Perth Mint to enable you to invest in the precious metal on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) through a stockbroking account. PMG is structured as a fully paid call option to 1/100th of a troy ounce of physical gold which can be exercised by you at any time. This is the only ASX gold product that can be redeemed for physical Perth Mint bullion coins or bars. 

Other benefits of investing with us include:
     • Choice of storage solutions:
    - allocated gold and silver
    - pool allocated silver
    - unallocated gold, silver and platinum  
    • Transaction confidentiality provided by secure administration and trading procedures.

For over a century, The Perth Mint has been trusted to produce the highest purity gold and silver bullion, and create some of the finest coins and bars ever minted. 

This makes our products ideal for investors wanting to build wealth through physical gold and silver.

No matter the size of your investment, we provide the highest security and flexible access to your precious metals.

Visit perthmint.com/invest or call (61 8) 9221 7222 for more information.

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Secure precious metals investment and storage with The Perth Mint

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The Perth Mint Depository was created in 1994 to enable clients to invest in precious metals without the need to take physical delivery. For almost a quarter of a century, our depository has offered the only government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world.  Located in the safe geopolitical environment of Western Australia and operating the most extensive network of central bank grade vaults in the southern hemisphere, we are a true safe haven for precious metals storage solutions.

Our precious metal storage solutions are designed to satisfy the particular investment needs of our broad range of customers. As a Perth Mint Depository client you will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Security of the world’s only government guaranteed precious metals storage program  
    • Surety that every ounce invested is backed with physical precious metals 
    • Convenience of trading in either AUD or USD  
    • Choice of precious metals storage:
       • allocated gold and silver 
       • pool allocated silver 
       • unallocated gold, silver and platinum
    •  Ability to convert from unallocated and pool allocated metal to allocated bars and coins at any time      
    • Flexibility to take physical delivery of your precious metals upon request  
    • Transaction confidentiality provided by secure administration and trading procedures  
    • Peace of mind that your assets are secured in the most extensive network of central bank grade vaults in the southern hemisphere

Perth Mint Depository Online (PMDO) is the easiest way to manage your investments 

PMDO allows you to buy and sell precious metals directly via our secure digital trading portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This option suits investors who wish to react quickly to the dynamic precious metals markets. 

Our mobile friendly portal means you can access live pricing, review your portfolio and buy and sell precious metal anytime, anywhere. With a minimum transaction amount of AUD 50, trading in precious metals has never been easier or more accessible.  

Getting started is simple and you can rest assured that your precious metals portfolio is in trusted hands. The platform is underpinned by 128 SSL encryption and the highest levels of security to protect your investments.  

Start your precious metals savings plan today

As a PMDO customer you have the option to set up an automatic savings plan and start building your precious metal wealth from just AUD 50 per month (up to AUD 5,000). Our savings plan allows you to purchase gold and silver on a monthly basis, with a discount of 50% off the applicable transaction fee. 

Savings plan transfers will be actioned on the first working day of each month and will be funded using the available cash in your PMDO account. 

For more information on PMDO and to find out how you can start investing with The Perth Mint today visit perthmint.com/storage.

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