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Six Trading Days Left To Secure Dragon Bullion Coins

Topics [ Australian Lunar bullion coins buy silver bullion online buy gold bullion online Year of the Dragon ]


Availability of the most successful design themes in the history of the Australian Lunar coin program is rapidly drawing to a close.

Gold and silver bullion coins celebrating the Year of the Dragon will only be available via www.perthmintbullion.com for six more trading days.

Come 8.30am on 3 September, we’ll be introducing 2013 designs marking the Year of the Snake.

This is the final opportunity for online bullion investors and collectors to acquire freshly minted Dragon coins direct from the Mint.

Please be aware that with the introduction of the 2013 Australian Kookaburra on the same day, we are also in the final stages of taking orders for the popular 2012 Kookaburra release.


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Silver Coin Stack Achieved In Just One Year

Topics [ financial crisis silver stacker Year of the Dragon buy silver ]


Over the last 12 months this stacker has amassed more than 500oz of silver. Celebrating the stack’s first anniversary, this clip explains the financial reasons he got into silver stacking and how he got “creative” when it came to finding ways to afford more coins. From junk silver to the world most beautiful bullion coins (with an impressive 1 kilo Lunar Dragon centrepiece), it’s an impressive horde that’s targeting 3,000oz of silver by retirement.

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Interesting Sales Trend Emerges - What’s Your View?

Topics [ sell silver Australian Lunar Australian Koala buy silver bullion online Year of the Dragon ]


We’re witnessing an interesting new sales trend. Demand for 1/2oz silver bullion coins are increasing significantly – and we wouldn’t mind your thoughts on what’s happening.

Here’re our sales figures for 1/2oz Lunar and Koala silver bullion coins during the past five years:


As you can see, growth has been particularly strong over the past two years. And remember, there are still almost seven months remaining before production of 2012 1/2oz Lunar and Koala coins is cut off.

We’ve considered three possible explanations.

  Because 1oz Lunar silver bullion coins sold out in each of the above years, some buyers opted for the smaller denomination of this popular series

  Increasing metal prices forced some investors to buy smaller denomination silver offered by the Koala series

  Divisibility became more of an issue for investors – with selling back in mind, they swapped the cost-effectiveness of large silver coins for the flexibility offered by small coins

As I said, this is conjecture.

In recent times Perth Mint 1/2oz silver bullion coins have been temporarily out-of-stock. We now have stock for those looking to buy.


So if you’ve changed your purchasing pattern and introduced more 1/2oz silver bullion coins to your precious metal pool, we’d really like to hear from you.

In short, is this a trend that’s likely to continue?

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10 Kilo Dragon Gold Coins In The Making

Topics [ coin production Australian Lunar gold bullion coins Year of the Dragon ]



In a prelude to a video we're shooting inside the Mint factory, here's a photograph of a 10 kilo pure gold Lunar bullion coin in the making. The freshly minted coin is about to be removed from the press and from here we will continue to work on it in the finishing area. Stay tuned to see more of the process and the final product alongside its 10 kilo silver Dragon counterpart.

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Investor Coin Release Coincides With Silver Price 'Aberration'

Topics [ silver investing Australian Lunar buy silver bullion online silver prices Year of the Dragon ]


The sudden decline in bullion prices is an “aberration” according to analysts.

“The trigger appears to have been disappointment that [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke] failed to signal any further quantitative easing,” Julian Jessop, chief global economist at Capital Economics, said in a note. But “such a signal was never very likely as early as today.” (MarketWatch)

Jeffrey Sherman, commodities portfolio manager of DoubleLine Capital, agreed. “There is no hint from Bernanke's speech that there will be a QE3 type program which people have been hoping for. It's just a pullback, it doesn't feel like it would be the start of a bear market." (Reuters).

The falloff coincides with today’s release by The Perth Mint of four silver bullion coins from the 2012 Australian Lunar Coin Program.

Suspended from manufacture because of unprecedented pressure on our manufacturing capacity in recent months, 5oz, 2oz and 1/2oz Year of the Dragon silver bullion coins can be purchased on the website from this morning.

The three standard issues are joined for sale today by a special 1oz ‘Privy Mark’ Australian Lunar silver bullion coin, previously announced on this blog.

Stocks of all four coins are limited and consequently we recommend that clients order as soon as possible to secure desired quantities. The overnight silver price dip could well encourage even more investors into the market today.

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Ten Kilo Silver Bullion Dragon Coin - Picture

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon ]


A 10kg Australian Lunar 2012 Year of the Dragon silver bullion coin comes off the press at The Perth Mint today. Hours of hand-finishing will be required before the coin can be released.

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