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LBMA 2016 Forecasters Predict Precious Metal Price Increases

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At the beginning of each year the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) polls a range of respected precious metals analysts in the large banks and independent consultancies for their forecasts for metal prices for the coming year. This year contributors are “predicting price increases across the board for all four metals”.

Their forecasts for the average price during 2016 are:

 • Gold – $1,103, ranging from $978 to $1,231

 • Silver – $14.74, ranging from $12.63 to $16.78

 • Platinum – $911, ranging from $748 to $1,076

 • Palladium – $568, ranging from $413 to $674

LBMA forecasts have been quite accurate historically.

This year the range of forecasts for gold is quite tight, indicating more consensus or confidence amongst the analysts about gold. The most pessimistic analyst is René Hochreiter who forecasts a low for gold during the year of $850 while Martin Murenbeeld sees a high of $1,375.

The LBMA analysts are less accurate in the case of silver. This year their range is wider but overall see a downtrend. Bernard Dahdah sees a low for silver of $11.00 with Philip Newman seeing silver getting as high as $19.50 during 2016.

Click here to download the LMBA Forecast 2016.

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Infographic: Platinum Supply And Demand

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Platinum’s supply is concentrated in medium-to-high risk jurisdictions, while demand is strongly tied to worldwide auto production. Here we present Part 2 of the Platinum Series.

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Platinum: History Of A Metal On The Move

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Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust – roughly 30 times scarcer than gold.

The name platinum is derived from the Spanish term platina, which is literally translated into "little silver".

It was used by pre-Columbian Americans to produce artefacts of a white gold-platinum alloy.

But Spanish conquistadors thought it was a nuisance, being difficult to separate from gold nuggets.

In the 1920s, two platinum deposits each of around 100 kilometres in length were discovered in the Transvaal.

Today, South Africa has 80% of the world's platinum reserve.

Ten tons of ore requiring six months of mining are needed to produce a single ounce of platinum.

Platinum has been used as a catalyst since the early 19th century. These days half of world demand is for use in autocatalysts, where it destroys pollutants in vehicle exhaust fumes.

In the 1980s, rising prices prompted the introduction of a variety of bars and coins to meet demand for platinum as a physical investment product.

The Australian Platypus is a limited 1oz platinum bullion coin made by The Perth Mint for investors.

First and foremost an industrial metal, however, platinum prices are vulnerable during economic recession.

Also, supplies are at greater political and geological risk compared to other precious metals as production is largely restricted to a handful of mines.

The price of platinum has risen in recent weeks on supply fears after labour unrest and violence halted production in South Africa.

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Minutes Taken As Bullish For Gold

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US gold prices traded higher on Wednesday, but not until after minutes from the U.S. central bank's August meeting were released which were interpreted as bullish for gold.

‘Parsing’ is the analysis of words for implications and deeper meaning and that’s what Eric Rosenbaum has been doing with the Fed’s latest notes – like this crunch sentence:

"Many members judged that additional monetary accommodation would likely be warranted fairly soon unless incoming information pointed to a substantial and sustainable strengthening in the pace of the economic recovery.”

Despite uncovering the secret to parsing Fed speak, by the end of this tongue-in-cheek article he’s no more than “fairly" sure "many" Fed printing presses are in the process of warming up!

Full story: The Street

The price of platinum is at its highest in four months as labour unrest affects mines in South Africa, which hold around 80% of the world's reserves.


Gold futures for December delivery settled at US$1,640.50 an ounce prior to the release of the Federal Open Committee minutes. Silver rose 13 cents, or 0.4%, to US$29.56 an ounce. Platinum added US$18.70, or 1.2%, to US$1,526.50 an ounce, the metal’s highest settlement since May.

Full story: MarketWatch

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Platinum Gains 20 Per Cent

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Platinum climbed for a fifth day on Tuesday, its longest run of gains since October 2011, driving the price higher than gold for the first time in six months.

The white metal has gained more than 20 per cent since the start of the year, driven by supply disruptions in South Africa, the world's largest producer.

Platinum is now enjoying a premium of around $30 to gold, with spot metal down on Tuesday’s high of US$1,687.50 an ounce.

Chart: Platinum Today

Bullish on Platinum

Nic Brown, head of commodity strategy at Natixis told Reuters his firm was “ragingly bullish” on platinum, stating lacklustre demand from the European auto market could be offset by jewellery demand in Asian countries such as Japan and China.

Telephone Sales

The Perth Mint released a new 99.95% pure platinum coin for investors in 2011. With a limited mintage of 30,000, the initial 1oz Australian Platypus is sold out.

A 2012-dated version, issued last December, has sold approximately half its mintage.

The 2012-dated Australian Platypus 1oz platinum bullion coin is available from our Bullion Desk during trading hours on the following number:

•   1300 201 112 Australia Only (local call cost)
•   +61 8 9421 7218 International Callers

The coin is also available from The Perth Mint Shop and your authorised Perth Mint bullion coin distributor.

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Platinum Market: Latest News And Analysis

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As reported by Bloomberg, demand for platinum is rising, output is contracting and analysts foresee a sharp price rise for the precious metal by this time next year.

Today's news report in full.

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