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Wedge-tailed Eagle reaches new high in 2018

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle silver ]

In his third design for The Perth Mint’s Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle coin series, renowned engraver John M. Mercanti explores the relationships between a chick and its parents for a beautifully composed new portrayal.

Unrivalled in his experience of depicting large birds of prey, the former Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint captures the intimate bond between mother and eaglet while a protective male hovers in the sky overhead.

8 Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Seen stooping towards her needy offspring in a stance that conveys natural concern and responsibility, the female wedge-tailed eagle makes a wonderful centrepiece to the design with meticulously observed plumage.

Her airborne mate, with his powerful wings fully extended, shows off the distinctive wedge-shaped tail from which the species takes its name.

This stunning design, which will be struck on a range of forthcoming releases from The Perth Mint, can be seen for the first time on our Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Bullion Coin for 2018.

Aimed at investors with an eye for classic design and a superior quality finish, the exceptional series has gained an international following which will likely be keen to take advantage of another highly memorable John Mercanti study.

Struck from 99.99% pure silver, issued as Australian legal tender and restricted to a worldwide mintage of just 50,000, the superb new coin represents an exceptional opportunity for anyone in search of high quality silver investments.

Registered bullion clients are invited to place orders at www.perthmintbullion.com.

Other buyers should visit The Perth Mint’s Bullion Trading Desk at 310 Hay Street in East Perth, or contact us by telephone on 1300 201 112 (Australia) / +61 8 9421 7218 (International).

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Limited Emu silver bullion coin set to run hot

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Emu silver ]

Native to Australia, the emu is the second largest living bird on Earth. With tiny wings it’s unable to fly, but with strong, powerful legs it can run with incredible speed. The magnificent bird features prominently in the traditional stories, dance and art of Australian Aborigines, the oldest continuous culture on the planet. Yet it remained unknown to Europeans until the 17th century when explorers would have been amazed when they first encountered this remarkable creature.

A national animal icon in every sense, the emu has been honoured by The Perth Mint with a new Australian legal tender bullion coin. Struck from 1oz 99.99% pure silver with a superb quality finish, it portrays a detailed representation of an imposing emu striding across an outback landscape.

2018 Australian Emu 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

With a global mintage of just 30,000, the 2018 1oz Australian Emu silver bullion coin offers an excellent opportunity to invest in silver from one of the world’s most trusted and respected precious metals mints. It will make a particularly rewarding acquisition for investors who already own Australian silver bullion coins portraying kindred animal symbols such as the kangaroo, koala and kookaburra.

To secure this very limited release, registered clients are invited to place orders on www.perthmintbullion.com. Purchasers in Australia can also call The Perth Mint customer services on 1300 201 112, or visit our Bullion Trading Room in person at 310 Hay Street in East Perth.

International customers should contact our exclusive overseas distributor Metal Market in Poland.

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Big week for silver

Topics [ silver bars silver silver coins ]


After a long time in the doldrums, the price of silver is stirring again. In a nutshell, here’s what's happening.

Silver futures in New York jumped above US$17.00 overnight to reach a 10 month high.

The price of silver is up more than 20% since the beginning of January.

The grey metal has achieved the best return this year of any in the Bloomberg Commodity Index.

The gold/silver ratio has fallen from 83:1 to around 74:1, meaning it now takes eight fewer ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. (The long term average is around 50.)

Silver hit almost US$50 per ounce five years ago this week.


Despite the Australian dollar’s recent strength, silver is also trading
higher in the local currency. [The Perth Mint silver price chart 21.4.16].

While the price of silver tends to follow gold, it is significantly more volatile. Over time it has shown that it can jump with sudden, intense movements.

Explanations put forward for silver’s latest rebound include falling silver production and rising bullish bets from investors thanks to the big move in the gold/silver ratio.

Above all, say analysts, is the improved outlook for industrial demand based on better expectations for China’s economic growth.

Charts published by Bloomberg suggest the price of silver is set fair for further gains. Time will tell if silver is ready to shine again or whether this rally destined to run out of steam.

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Indispensable Silver

Topics [ silver bullion coins silver bullion silver bars silver silver coins silver bullion bars ]


As one of the first metals to be used by man, silver has been sought-after for 5,000 years. Archaeological evidence indicates silver was originally mined about 3,000 BC in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey).

Lustrous in appearance, silver is also malleable and ductile. Being both easy to work and pleasing to the eye, it has long been associated with the manufacture of jewellery, art, cutlery and tableware.

Today, silver is also valued for innumerable applications in industry. Unsurpassed as a conductor of heat and electricity and also highly reflective, its uses are continuing to expand in hi-tech areas such as electronics, solar and biotech - to name a few.

Because silver is durable, stable and comparatively rare, it also possesses qualities that make it ideal for use as money.

It was first coined in Lydia around 600 BC. The phrase “rich as Croesus” is derived from the Lydian king famed for his wealth!

Early silver coins spread to regions inhabited by Greeks, and through trade across the entire Mediterranean region. In testament to its historic role as a monetary metal, silver continues to mean ‘money’ in a variety of languages, including ‘shekel’ (Hebrew), ‘argent’ (French), and ‘plata’ (Spanish).

It’s fair to conclude that many aspect of mankind’s economic, cultural and technological progress would have been vastly different were it not for the indispensable benefits of silver.

Indispensable silver

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Silver Threatens Bugs

Topics [ silver ]


Silver has hit the headlines again. The metal has now been shown to have remarkable medical potential in the fight against superbugs.

Silver is no stranger to amazing properties. It has great electrical and thermal conductivity, it is sensitive to light and reflects it well, and it can endure extreme ranges of temperature. As well as being enormously ductile and malleable, it’s highly wear and corrosion resistant too.

Silver has been mined for 5,000 years. Its lustrous appearance makes it highly sought after as jewellery, tableware and ornamentation.

From antiquity, silver played an important monetary role. First used for coins by the ancient Greeks, it functioned as the main means of exchange in daily commerce well into modern times.

As well as being a monetary metal, silver is also an important industrial metal. Used in batteries, bearings, brazing, electronics, automobiles and now in green technologies, silver has innumerable applications.

Silver in Medicine

Considering its versatility, you may not be surprised to learn that silver has been used extensively throughout history for a variety of medical purposes. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates described silver's antimicrobial properties and used it in preparations to promote wound healing.

The very latest discovery could help solve the modern problem of antibiotic resistance. Findings by American scientists show that trace amount of the metal may boost the bacterial killing efficiency of antibiotics by up to 1,000 fold.

How it works remains unclear, so the team at Boston University are hoping their research will inspire others to study silver to see what affords it this feature – shedding even more light on this unique metal and its many amazing properties.

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Silver: The Element Of Change

Topics [ silver bullion coins silver bullion silver bars silver ]


In a look at the impact of silver on civilization since it was first extracted some 5,000 years ago, this stylishly-made new video from SilverInstituteTV examines the history, properties and uses of one of nature’s most precious resources.  

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