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Last chance to purchase Year of the Dog bullion coins online

Topics [ Year of the Dog silver bullion coins gold bullion coins ]

The launch of the final annual releases from the Australian Lunar Bullion Coin Series II is approaching rapidly.

As a result, there is now limited time to acquire our remaining stock of 2018 Year of the Dog coins featuring two popular breeds – a German shepherd and labrador retriever.

As of 31 July 2018, you can still buy the following weights from our online bullion store.

Year of the Dog Gold Coins: 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 2oz, 10oz and 10 kilo.

Year of the Dog Silver Coins: 1/2oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz and 1 kilo.


Designed for investors and ideal for people born under the influence of lunar dog in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018, the Australian legal tender coins are struck from 99.99% pure gold and 99.99% pure silver.

To secure you’re your Australian Lunar – 2018 Year of the Dog bullion coins before they are withdrawn from sale on our website during September, please visit www.perthmintbullion.com now.

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The ultimate coin for silver investors in the Year of the Dog

Topics [ Year of the Dog silver bullion coins Australian Lunar ]

This giant bullion release from the annual Australian Lunar Series is struck from 10 kilos of 99.99% pure silver. Suitable for investors looking to mark the 2018 Year of the Dog in unique style, the coin is issued as Australian legal tender.

The coin’s reverse depicts a German shepherd and its pup. A highly intelligent breed, the dogs are renowned as both popular pets and obedient working animals. Each portrayal is hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail for a highly polished surface which stands out brilliantly from the coin’s frosted background.

The design also incorporates the Chinese pinyin character 狗 – meaning ‘dog’, and the English inscription ‘Year of the Dog’.

The Australian Lunar 2018 10 Kilo Year of the Dog Silver Bullion Coin is made by The Perth Mint exclusively on a mint-to-order basis. No more than 100 will ever be produced, ensuring its enduring rarity.

To order a coin, visit www.perthmintbullion.com, call customer services on 1300 201 112 / +61 8 9421 7218, visit our Bullion Trading Room at 310 Hay Street in East Perth, or talk to your local authorised distributor.

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Perth Mint releases Lunar Dog with Lion Privy Mark

Topics [ Year of the Dog silver bullion coins Australian Lunar ]

The Perth Mint is delighted to announce the availability of the Australian Lunar 2018 1oz Silver Bullion Coin with Lion Privy Mark.

Historically, a privy mark is a small symbol in the design of a coin which is added for the purpose of identifying the mint that struck it. The Perth Mint adapted the concept in the 1990s when it began adding miniature commemorative symbols to a range of limited mintage releases for added design interest.

Australian coins featuring a Lion privy mark are popular in Germany, one of the Mint’s key overseas markets, where the animal is a prominent heraldic symbol associated with ancient ruling families from Bavaria. As well as being represented in the state’s coat of arms, lion statues symbolising strength and glory can be seen throughout Bavaria, notably in the capital city of Munich.


Distributed in Europe via Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB), this Privy Mark Edition from the Australian Lunar Coin Series is struck from 99.99% pure silver. Issued as Australian legal tender, it has a limited mintage of just 30,000.

To acquire this silver investment opportunity in Australia, buyers can place orders at The Perth Mint Bullion Trading Desk, 310 Hay Street in East Perth, or call the Mint’s Bullion Line on 1300 201 112. Registered clients can purchase the coin online at perthmintbullion.com.

The coin is also available from our authorised distributors LPM in Asia and Gainesville Coins in the US.

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2018 1oz Australian Lunar bullion coins sold out

Topics [ Year of the Dog Australian Lunar ]

The Year of the Dog 1oz gold bullion coin and the 1oz silver bullion coin are both officially sold out at The Perth Mint.

In response to strong demand since their launch in September, all 30,000 gold coins and 300,000 silver coins in the 2018 mintage have been dispatched from the Mint’s premises.

The result underscores their reputation as the most sought-after Lunar coins in the world. Every 1oz coin issued since the beginning of the current lunar cycle in 2008 has sold its maximum mintage.

Year of the Dog bullion coins remain available in a range of alternative sizes starting from 1/20oz in 99.99% pure gold and 1/2oz in 99.99% pure silver. Featuring appealing designs of a labrador retriever and German shepherds, each coin displays The Perth Mint’s superior bullion finish.

Registered clients may order online at perthmintbullion.com. All buyers are welcome to visit our Bullion Trading Desk at 310 Hay Street in East Perth (open 7 days), or call the BullionLine on 1300 201 112 (Australia) / +61 8 9421 7218 (International).

Alternatively, please contact one of our authorised distributors.

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Perth Mint unveils Australia’s official bullion coin program for 2018

Topics [ Year of the Dog Australian Kangaroo buy gold coins gold investment Australian Lunar Australian Koala bullion coins Australian Kookaburra buy silver coins ]

The Perth Mint has unveiled shining new designs for Australia’s official Bullion Coin Program.

Issued annually since 1987, the trusted releases offer an outstanding choice of pure gold, silver and platinum coins, each authorised by the Australian Government as official legal tender.

Characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, iconic artistry and assured purity, the new coins, which include the first ever Australian Kangaroo in pure platinum, will become available from The Perth Mint and its authorised dealers worldwide from 11 September 2017*.


2018 Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Series


Extremely popular with investors and collectors, Australian Lunar coins celebrate the 12 animals of the Chinese lunar calendar. In 2018, artistry portraying a labrador retriever on the 99.99% pure gold releases, and German shepherds on the 99.99% pure silver coins, mark the Year of the Dog.


The Australian Lunar 2018 Year of the Dog Gold Bullion Coin Series is available in 1 kilo, 10oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz sizes. A maximum mintage of 30,000 applies to the 1oz coin.


The Australian Lunar 2018 Year of the Dog Silver Bullion Coin Series is available in 1 kilo, 10oz, 5oz**, 2oz, 1oz and 1/2oz sizes. No more than 300,000 1oz will be released.

Availability of a special 10 kilo coin (maximum mintage of 100), will be announced later this year.


2018 Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Series


Now struck from 99.99% pure silver, the Australian Kookaburra Bullion Coin Series was originally issued in 1990. In 2018, each coin portrays a stunning representation of the emblematic bush bird on a moonlit night.


The 2018 Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Series is available in 1 kilo, 10oz, and 1oz sizes.

A maximum of 500,000 1oz coins will be released.


2018 Australian Kangaroo Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Series


Thanks to a landmark development, Australia’s original bullion coin series is for the first time offered in three highly sought after investment metals. Portraying imagery of the nation’s most evocative wildlife emblem, the Australian Kangaroo comes in 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver and 99.95% pure platinum options.


The 2018 Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin Series is available in 1 kilo 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz sizes. A new design featuring two kangaroos bounding across a rural landscape is included on the four smallest releases.

No more than 100,000 1/2oz, 150,000 1/4oz, and 200,000 1/10oz gold coins will be released.

In common with the 1 kilo gold coin, the 2018 Australian Kangaroo 1oz silver bullion coin and the new 2018 Australian Kangaroo 1oz platinum bullion coin portray classic artistry representing a ‘red’ kangaroo encircled by symbolic rays of sunshine.


2018 Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin Series


In 2018, the Australian Koala also comes in 99.99% pure silver. The 12th annual design portrays one of Australia’s most loved marsupials astride two branches in a flowering eucalyptus tree.


The 2018 Australian Koala is offered in 1 kilo and 1oz versions only. Just 300,000 1oz coins will be released.


For further information

Download a pdf of the 2018 Australian Bullion Coin Program brochure – ‘Investments destined to shine’.


How To Purchase

The following options exist for buyers of the 2018 Australian Bullion Coin Program:

1. Visit the Bullion Trading Room

Invest and pick up in-store from the Bullion Trading Room, 310 Hay Street, East Perth, seven days a week between 9am and 5pm (AWST).

2. Visit the Bullion Sales Website

Register at perthmintbullion.com to order online from the comfort and convenience of your own home between 8.30am and 5pm (AWST).

3. Telephone the Bullion Call Centre

Order from a Customer Services Officer on 1300 201 112 or +61 8 9421 7218 during Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm (AWST).

4. Contact an Authorised Distributor

Contact your local authorised Perth Mint distributor in Australia/New Zealand, Asia, United States, Canada or Europe.

* coin availability dates are subject to minor change should production flexibility be required.
** availability of 5oz Year of the Dog silver bullion coin will available approximately two weeks after the official release date of 11th September.


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Dog Stars At Auction

Topics [ Year of the Dog gold coins gold prices ]


A tip-off from coin journalist Dr Kerry Rodgers has alerted us to the fact that an Australian Lunar Series I coin sold recently in New York for US$517,500.

The 10 kilo gold bullion coin was issued in 2006 in celebration of the Year of the Dog. Just 10 coins were made for customers on a mint-to-order basis.

As readers are aware, The Perth Mint no longer produces Series I Lunar coins.

With the gold spot price around US$43,000 a kilo at the time of the sale, the successful bidder at the Stacks-Bowers auction in January paid a healthy premium to acquire the rare and highly collectable issue.

It's certainly a magnificent acquisition. The first 10 kilo Lunar gold coin ever made by The Perth Mint, it portrays a beagle, a cheerful and tenacious dog bred for hunting.

The Australian Lunar - 2006 Year of the Dog 10 kilo gold bullion coin. 

Kerry’s full story is published in the forthcoming March issue of Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine (+61 2 9889 3755).

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