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Order Limits Removed

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The previous order limits of 20 Lunar Horse 1oz silver bullion coins and 5 Lunar Horse 1oz gold bullion coins no longer apply.

The policy was designed to give as many customers as possible the chance to purchase these limited releases from The Perth Mint.

With immediate effect, web and telephone customers as well as buyers visiting The Perth Mint Bullion Desk may now order these coins without restriction.

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FAQ No 2: Why Do You Require My Credit Card Details?

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We’re often asked this question because the bullion website does not accept payment by credit card.

However, everyone who requests clarification finds it perfectly acceptable once they fully understand our reasoning.

Essentially, we use credit cards as a form of protection against (thankfully an extremely rare number of) clients who decide not to pay for gold and silver bullion they’ve ordered online.

What makes this situation particularly difficult for us is that for every ounce of bullion our customers commit to buying, we purchase a corresponding amount of precious metals on the spot market.

Our order is executed at once because the price of gold and silver bullion is changing all the time. We must also settle payment with our counterparties almost immediately.

Because of the speed of this process, we generally pay for a customer’s metal before we have received their cleared funds. This risk is acceptable to us, so long as they transfer funds within two days as per our terms of business.

Refusal to pay, on the other hand, leaves the Mint exposed to fluctuating metal prices and the need to liquidated unwanted metal.

So, part of the registration process requires each client to complete a Contract Completion Guarantee i.e. provide us with their credit card number.

Should they subsequently order gold or silver but fail to transfer payment, an administration fee plus any losses incurred by The Perth Mint in the liquidation of the metal is billed to the card.

It has been pointed out that in a rising market, the sale of unwanted metal would enable the Mint to make a profit. But in my experience, refusal to pay has only ever happed when the price falls!

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Purchase Bullion Direct Or Via A Dealer?

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We’ve been asked if there is any difference in buying gold and silver bullion directly from The Perth Mint or from any of our authorized Perth Mint dealers.

If anyone doesn’t already know, you can purchase bullion coins and bars from the Mint via telephone and now, with the launch of www.perthmintbullion.com, via the internet. Alternatively, you can buy from an official Perth Mint bullion dealer.

Our international dealer network offers clients all over the world the opportunity to deal with a local supplier. You may feel it is important to have a close relationship with your bullion supplier. It may be something as practical as relying on somebody who talks your language, or somebody who is open for business in your time-zone!

Our dealers place large wholesale orders, making them very competitive in the marketplace. You might even be able to save on freight and insurance costs if you’re able to pick up product from a local collection point.  All these factors make it attractive for many buyers to deal with a supplier that’s well known and trusted in their region.

As in any industry, of course, there are also customers who like the ability to deal direct with the manufacturer.  We aim to make this process as easy and convenient as possible with our established telephone and new ‘live-price’ internet sales services.

So yes, there are differences – but they both offer clear advantages to clients who must decide which is best for them.

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New Video Posts

Topics [ gold investing buy silver online Australian Kangaroo how to buy gold buy gold online where to buy silver bullion gold coins gold bullion Australian Lunar Australian Koala bullion coins silver coins where to buy gold bullion silver bullion bars gold bullion coins Australian Kookaburra buy gold bullion online where to buy silver bullion bars ]


I’ve posted three new Perth Mint videos.   You can watch them here, but don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel or our video page for all current videos.

Video 1

If you’re new to The Perth Mint and would like to know more about our history, the first one will whizz you through 110 years of refining and minting operations at our historic East Perth site.

Video 2

There are some spectacular shots of our gold and silver bullion in this presentation which highlights the unique qualities of our precious metal coins and the outstanding value of our cast bars.

Video 3

A natural follow-up, this video is hosted by Ron Currie, the Mint’s Sales and Marketing Director, who shows how easy it is to register to trade bullion on our new site www.perthmintbullion.com.

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