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Silver Seasonality

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Is there a good month of the year to sell silver and an equally favourable month in which to buyback? In this paper I investigate the seasonality of silver and deliver a warning to those tempted to rely on the next seasonal chart they come across.

Download The Perth Mint Treasury paper Silver Seasonality (pdf 348kb)

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Interesting Sales Trend Emerges - What’s Your View?

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We’re witnessing an interesting new sales trend. Demand for 1/2oz silver bullion coins are increasing significantly – and we wouldn’t mind your thoughts on what’s happening.

Here’re our sales figures for 1/2oz Lunar and Koala silver bullion coins during the past five years:


As you can see, growth has been particularly strong over the past two years. And remember, there are still almost seven months remaining before production of 2012 1/2oz Lunar and Koala coins is cut off.

We’ve considered three possible explanations.

  Because 1oz Lunar silver bullion coins sold out in each of the above years, some buyers opted for the smaller denomination of this popular series

  Increasing metal prices forced some investors to buy smaller denomination silver offered by the Koala series

  Divisibility became more of an issue for investors – with selling back in mind, they swapped the cost-effectiveness of large silver coins for the flexibility offered by small coins

As I said, this is conjecture.

In recent times Perth Mint 1/2oz silver bullion coins have been temporarily out-of-stock. We now have stock for those looking to buy.


So if you’ve changed your purchasing pattern and introduced more 1/2oz silver bullion coins to your precious metal pool, we’d really like to hear from you.

In short, is this a trend that’s likely to continue?

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Buy Low, Sell High – We’ve Got The Perfect Tool To Help You Succeed

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In his recent post, Bron answered the question How Are Perth Mint Gold And Silver Spot Rates Calculated?

The next logical question for bullion buyers might be “how do I follow every change in The Perth Mint spot rate throughout the trading day?”

For many, the spot price graphs on our homepage are useful for deciding when to buy or sell precious metals.

However, for those that don’t have time to watch the graph all day long, there’s a better option – as many small investors have already discovered.

Automatic Email & SMS Price Alerts

For everyone registered to buy on www.perthmintbullion.com, we offer a free, automated ‘Price Alerts’ service.

Here’s how it works.

You choose the metal(s) you are interested in and set a ‘low’ price at which you want to buy and a ‘high’ price at which you’d consider selling.

As soon as our spot rate hits either of these upper and lower limits, the service triggers an immediate personal alert via e-mail or SMS.

These prompts are designed to ensure you’ll never miss a potential buying or selling opportunity in today’s volatile market.

Thousands of our registered buyers are already relying on Price Alerts, suggesting that this invaluable tool is helping investors in their aim of “buying low and selling high”.

Please register or login now to set up your own bullion Price Alerts.

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How To Sell Your Gold And Silver

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“Someday the precious metals cycle we’re in right now will end, and it will be time to sell your gold and silver bullion,” says Michael Maloney.

According to his new article, How To Sell Your Gold And Silver, there are four things to consider when that time arrives: Security, Privacy, Speed and Price.

Objectively prepared, the article provides plenty to think about when you’re considering the pros and cons of each sales method.

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