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Why are pink diamonds so valuable?

Topics [ pink diamond ]

The remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia is home to the world’s only significant source of fancy pink, violet and red diamonds.

Even so, discoveries are now so rare that an entire year’s worth of pink diamonds will fit in the palm of your hand. The number of violet and red diamonds can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

The regal and enthralling beauty of Argyle pink diamonds, combined with this extreme rarity, have made them the most valuable diamonds on the market. Prices for individual fancy coloured diamonds show no signs of slowing down either, thanks to strong interest among discerning collectors, connoisseurs and investors.

Investors are helping to drive the price of fancy coloured diamonds higher.

As a Select Atelier of the famed Argyle Pink Diamond brand, The Perth Mint is currently offering an exclusive opportunity to view a stunning example of these unique Western Australian treasures.

The exquisite 0.74 Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond is free to view in our Shop, located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth. It’s offered for sale at $625,000 and is officially valued at $650,000.

The Perth Mint Shop is contactable on +61 8 9421 7376.

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Where is it safe to store my precious metal investments?

Topics [ depository gold investment depository online ]

Do you want to invest in physical precious metal without the security risk of storing it at home?

The historic Perth Mint's depository was created in the 1990s to enable clients to invest in gold and silver without the need to take physical delivery.

Uniquely, our depository offers the only government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world, and uses the most extensive central bank grade vaulting facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today, our depository has more than 30,000 clients worldwide. Last year alone, the value of precious metals on deposit at The Perth Mint increased from $2.69 billion to $3.11 billion.

For depository clients who would like to be able to react quickly 24 hours a day to the dynamic precious metals markets, you can buy and sell gold and silver through our easy to use and secure online trading platform, Perth Mint Depository Online.

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Close-up look at the 2017 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The 1oz Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin for 2017 is released today.

This year’s design portrays a koala sitting at the base of a eucalyptus tree with another tree in the background.

Just 300,000 of these 1oz coins will be released.

Additionally, we have released a 1 kilo version of the 2017 Australian Koala. No mintage limit applies to the larger coin for 12 months.

A world leader in precious metals, The Perth Mint’s exceptional minting experience and the use of advanced manufacturing technology contribute to our coins’ reputation of being the highest quality in the world.

Both struck from 99.9% pure silver, each Koala coin’s Australian legal tender status guarantees its weight and purity.

Purchases can be made at our Bullion Trading Desk at The Perth Mint, 310 Hay Street in East Perth; on the BullionLine on 1300 201 112 (Australia) / +61 8 9421 7218 (International); or via perthmintbullion.com (registration required).

Alternatively, please contact one of our authorised distributors.

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A decade of Koala evolution

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Koala ]

The koala is one of Australia’s famous native marsupials – which means its young develop inside the female’s pouch. Often perceived as a cuddly animal and generally sleepy during the daytime, it has an appealing bear-like face and thick grey fur. Spending much its life at the top of eucalyptus trees where it consumes large quantities of leaves, the koala can nevertheless be experienced close-up at sanctuaries and zoos throughout Australia.

In 2007, when preparing a new Australian entrant to the international silver bullion coin market, the koala was an obvious design theme for The Perth Mint to opt for.

A decade later, the Australia Koala Silver Bullion Coin Series is not only a popular option for investors, but also a pleasing collectable that has many followers worldwide.

This timely image gallery shows how Australian Koala silver coins have evolved to become one of our most eagerly anticipated annual coin launches. Depicting the first ten release issued between 2007 and 2016, this delightful line-up has today been joined by a new design for 2017.

Click this link to watch a video clip featuring the new 2017 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coin.

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Monthly Sales – December 2016

Topics [ minted bars silver coins gold coin ]

Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in December 2016 as coins and minted bars.

  - Gold (Au): 63,420 oz

  - Silver (Ag): 430,009 oz


This chart shows total monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

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The Perth Mint: Successfully promoting Australian precious metals to global markets

The Perth Mint is marketing Australia’s precious metals to the world, and offering innovative investment solutions to customers in more than 130 countries.

A global leader in the precious metals industry and owned by the Government of Western Australia, The Perth Mint is a vertically integrated refining, manufacturing, minting, marketing, investment and storage business.  

With a focus on identifying new markets and creating local and overseas demand for Australian precious metals, The Perth Mint is proud to play a leading role in supporting the nation’s gold mining companies.

Australia has the world’s largest known gold reserves and is the world’s second largest producer of gold after China. Gold is also the nation’s third largest mineral export, worth $16billion in 2015/16. Well placed to take advantage of the country’s resources, The Perth Mint is supporting Australia to access global precious metals markets that provide significant contribution to the nation’s economy.

Renowned for its refining and minting expertise, The Perth Mint value-adds to Australia’s precious metals industry through the manufacture and marketing of a broad range of bullion bars and coins.

“The Perth Mint has evolved over its 117-year history to become one of Australia’s top manufacturers, a leading exporter, and a champion for our precious metals industry,” says Richard Hayes, Chief Executive Officer.


“The quality of our products is world class thanks to the capability of our operations and our people. Our Australian one kilo gold bar, for example, is highly sought after by Chinese investors making it the product of choice on the Shanghai Gold Exchange,” he said.

The Perth Mint refines most of Australia’s newly mined gold and that of several Pacific nations. Operating Australia’s only gold and silver LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited precious metals refinery, The Perth Mint is also the country’s only precious metals business with accreditation from commodity exchanges in London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Dubai.

With investors in its products located in more than 130 countries, The Perth Mint is taking Australian gold to the global banking and financial sector, as well as institutional and individual investors across the world.

“In 2017, the ASX and The Perth Mint will launch a Gold Futures contract to bring together ASX’s investment exchange expertise with the scale and security of The Perth Mint’s precious metals operations. The resultant financial instrument will compete internationally and better meet the needs of global market participants and investors.”

The Perth Mint also offers customers a range of precious metals investment and storage options. Backed by a government guarantee, customers can invest in gold, silver and platinum through The Perth Mint Depository, which includes an innovative digital trading platform. 

“Perth Mint Depository Online allows investors to manage their own private metal account including the ability to trade with live pricing 24/7. With $3.1billion worth of investors’ precious metal on deposit, we offer customers the most secure and extensive storage facilities in the southern hemisphere.”

Mr Hayes is bullish about precious metals and argues a strong case for investing in gold and silver.

“Historically, gold has shown again and again that it survives and thrives in difficult times, such as these. Indeed, the smart money has an exposure to gold.”

First published in The Pick.

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