Please be aware that due to a scheduled stocktake orders will not be despatched on Wednesday 29 May, Thursday 30 May or Friday 31 May. There may also be some delays in despatching orders placed immediately prior to and post stocktake.

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Size Perth Mint Sells Perth Mint Buys Volume Breaks Buy Now 
1g Minted USD 54.74USD 40.25 Unavailable
5g Minted USD 247.48USD 202.51 Unavailable
10g Minted USD 456.96USD 405.01 Unavailable
20g Minted USD 872.63USD 808.77 Unavailable
1oz Cast USD 1,308.69USD 1,257.80 Unavailable
1oz Minted USD 1,333.69USD 1,257.80 Unavailable
50g Minted USD 2,122.21USD 2,022.54 Unavailable
2½oz Cast USD 3,266.73USD 3,144.50 Unavailable
100g Minted USD 4,218.14USD 4,043.83 Unavailable
5oz Cast USD 6,498.45USD 6,289.00 Unavailable
10oz Cast USD 12,955.61USD 12,576.75 Unavailable
10oz Minted USD 13,036.90USD 12,578.01 Unavailable
20oz Cast USD 25,871.22USD 25,153.50 Unavailable
1kg Cast USD 41,578.81USD 40,435.77 Unavailable
50oz Cast USD 64,678.06USD 62,883.74 Unavailable

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Perth Mint Gold & Silver Ask Prices

05:00 PM AWST 27-May-2019

Gold AUD 1,862.00

Silver AUD 21.28

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